Toggle WordPress Help Menu

It’s not possible (as far as I know) to currently link directly to a help tab in WordPress. Here’s the jQuery solution I cooked up: “ /** * Toggle the WP help menu tab by linking to the tab id * * The anchor must have a `rel` of `wp-help` */ $(‘a[rel=”wp-help”]’).click(function() { // Open […]

Major Changes in the Plugin Directory

You can now reply to reviews. Nice.

The new plugin Reviews feature suggests a shifting approach to the WordPress ecosystem. Reviews: a new tab in town On every plugin page, there is now a Reviews tab. This is in addition to the Support tab that WordPress added around August. Rating a plugin now requires a review Until now, WordPress reviews were basic: […]

Hierarchical Link Categories for WordPress

Spices need categories too!

If you’ve ever tried to use WordPress’ built-in bookmarks / links manager, you know that its limits can be frustrating. One of the biggest issues I’ve encountered is that the link categories are not hierarchical. Let’s say you have a tech blog and you link to a lot of pages about TV’s. You may want […]

Lottery Results – A New WordPress Plugin


Download the plugin at For plugin support, please visit the support forum. Show lottery results from all 43 states with lotteries Choose which games you want to display Choose from different lotto results layouts Embed results in your content using the lottery] shortcode. The widget automatically gets updated results every 6 hours, then they are […] Changes Plugin Page Layout plugin page from 2008 plugin page layout change likely for usability A couple of weeks ago, changed the layout of their plugins directory plugin pages. The update was likely to improve usability for users trying to determine whether a plugin is trustworthy and what it does. I believe the re-arranging of the page has achieved those goals. […]

WordPress Debt Calculator

Debt Calculator Screenshot

Download the plugin from Add a debt calculator to your WordPress blog Do you have a financial blog or a blog about debt, money management, or household spending? Add a free debt calculator to your blog with no coding required. Updating the style: You can update the form’s style by editing the plugin’s debt.css […]

Strip Extra ImageScaler Attribute from Plugin-Generated Code

I am using the ImageScaler plugin for WordPress on a project, and I like what it does, but it adds a non-standards-compliant attribute to images, such as: <img class=”” src=”” alt=”Example” width=”258″ height=”234″ imagescaler=”” /> To strip imagescaler’s imagescaler attribute, add the following into your functions.php file: add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘strip_imagescaler’); function strip_imagescaler($content) { $content = preg_replace(‘/imagescaler=”(.*?)”.?/s’,”, […]

How to Display a Random Testimonial or Post in WordPress

Set up a testimonials category — no need for a plugin. There are a couple of plugins designed specifically for testimonials, but I didn’t want to use them; they use their own databases, and don’t keep with WordPress’ simplicity. If possible, the best way to work with WordPress is to use it’s built-in functionality. I […]

Get Adjacent Images – More WordPress Functions

Get the adjacent photo, man.

WordPress, just get the adjacent image links. I’ll tell you what to do with them! WordPress is normally great about providing functions that have a return and an echo version.  In WordPress, if a function has the prefix get_, then it does not echo (print it into the content), but rather returns the result so […]

How to Tell if Your WordPress Widget is Active


Ever wonder if your widget is activated on an external site? Here’s how to find out. When you register a sidebar widget, you use code like this: register_sidebar_widget(array(‘Name of Widget’, ‘class-of-widget’), ‘widget_function’); If you want to check whether the widget is activated (you may want to for a variety of reasons), you can do it […]

Incorporate WordPress with Interspire Shopping Cart

I’m going to elaborate on this further (and about Interspire in general), but for those of you who want to make WordPress functions available throughout your shopping cart, here’s how: Before the closing ?> in the init.php file, add the following code: require(realpath(ISC_BASE_PATH).’/blog-directory/wp-blog-header.php’);, where /blog-directory/ is your WP installation. If you installed it in the root directory, […]

SEO Randomizer: Save the Value of Your SEO'd Links


Update: Now use the SEO WordSpinner plugin to implement this concept.Use the get_seo_spin() PHP function in your theme’s footer.php file. Footer links are dropping in SEO value How to stay relevant while getting great links As a web designer and SEO, I place links in the footers of most of my designs. Clients don’t mind […]

Nofollow SEO for your WordPress Functions


While working on a recent website, I became frustrated by the lack of nofollow support in many WordPress functions.  Make that, most WordPress functions. There are a few WP functions that I wanted to add nofollow to, so here’s a list and a download link:

How to View All (or more) Posts at once in WordPress Administration

Here’s the deal: I wanted to be able to temporarily see all the posts at once in the WordPress Administration, so I went into the wp-admin folder, and poked around, and became frustrated: it wasn’t that simple! Go to /wp-admin/includes/post.php and scroll to line 517. You will see wp(“post_type=post&what_to_show=posts$post_status_q&posts_per_page=15&order=$order&orderby=$orderby”); Change the posts_per_page value to whatever […]