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WordPress Debt Calculator

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Add a debt calculator to your WordPress blog

Debt Calculator ScreenshotDo you have a financial blog or a blog about debt, money management, or household spending? Add a free debt calculator to your blog with no coding required.

  • Updating the style: You can update the form’s style by editing the plugin’s debt.css file
  • You can add the calculator to your website’s sidebar by using the shortcode in a text widget
  • Use in combination with the Show Content Only plugin as a pop-up window

Shortcode Use

  • class : Adds CSS class to container DIV
  • width : Inline CSS width of container DIV
  • zebra : Whether to add CSS class of debt_row_odd to odd table rows, making the table alternating colors (called zebrastriping)
  • legend : Add a legend to the form with the specified text

Sample code:

[debtcalculator class="sampleCssClass" width="100%" zebra="false" legend="Your Debt Snapshot"]

The form’s container DIV will have class “sampleCssClass” and will be 100% wide. The table will NOT be zebrastriped, and the legend text will be “Your Debt Snapshot”.

Calculator Demo

Below is a demo of the plugin in action, using the code [debtcalculator width=”100%” legend=”Your Debt Snapshot”]

[debtcalc width=”100%” legend=”Your Debt Snapshot”]

Whaddaya think?

As you can see, it’s functional, easy to use, and the numbers may be scary!

Drop a line if you have any feature requests or recommendations.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

14 replies on “WordPress Debt Calculator”

To make it clear this is what I did.

function asMoney(a, b) {
        b = {
            cpos: true,
            currency: “£”,
            precision: 2,
            decimals: “.”,
            thousands: “,”

Hi Zack,

I have problem while downloading the plugin.

The zip file is 0kb and I can’t extract the zip file, it shows an error massage.

I downloaded the plugin and there is now a debt reduction drop down under plugins on my dashboard. When I go there it wants me to enter code in a text box. I enter the short code you provided, but nothing happens anywhere. I don’t have any widget to drag over to the sidebar and no other changes I can see. I’m not a tech savy person so any help will have to be step by step. Thanks,

It works fine and some feature requests
1) option to enter monthly interest rate, which will automatically calculate yearly interest
2) Reset button
Thanks for this tool

Not working for me…
Entered code into a widget. The one I had in there previously is not working now either.

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