How to remove WangGuard honeypot fields

WangGuard is a great plugin for blocking spam registrations. Without it, this site gets about 50 per day. No good! I did encounter an issue, however: The <![if !IE]> tag was showing on my registration form for some reason. The code WangGuard adds inside the tag is used to generate a “honeypot” section: spam bots […]

Major Changes in the Plugin Directory

You can now reply to reviews. Nice.

The new plugin Reviews feature suggests a shifting approach to the WordPress ecosystem. Reviews: a new tab in town On every plugin page, there is now a Reviews tab. This is in addition to the Support tab that WordPress added around August. Rating a plugin now requires a review Until now, WordPress reviews were basic: […]

Trulia Plugin for WordPress

Easily add TruliaMaps to your website! Add a Trulia maps widget showing homes in your area, without touching any HTML or code. This plugin allows you to configure tons of options; check it out today! The Trulia real estate plugin includes options for: Map size Map, Satellite or Hybrid map type Slideshow – automatically cycle […]

SEO WordSpinner Removed from the WordPress Plugins Directory


Today I found out that the SEO WordSpinner plugin is no longer available via its WordPress Directory page. I emailed WordPress plugin-master Mark Riley asking what was up, and he just emailed me back: Hi, There were some complaints about some SEO plugins. Your plugin was among those checked and given it’s purpose is not […]

Hierarchical Link Categories for WordPress

Spices need categories too!

If you’ve ever tried to use WordPress’ built-in bookmarks / links manager, you know that its limits can be frustrating. One of the biggest issues I’ve encountered is that the link categories are not hierarchical. Let’s say you have a tech blog and you link to a lot of pages about TV’s. You may want […]

Shopify Importer – Import Shopify Products into WordPress

Shopify Blog Functionality

Download the plugin from Shopify is a great hosted eCommerce provider. WordPress is the best blogging platform. I first learned about Shopify in 2007, and was very interested in their service: they take care of every aspect of an eCommerce shop, and you pay them monthly plus a little cut of your sales. Themes: […]

EasyVideoPlayer WordPress Plugin


Embed EasyVideoPlayer videos to WordPress Finally add videos inside your WordPress content without the hassle! Download the plugin from It’s been hard — and very technical — to embed EVP videos inside WordPress content…until now. The EVP plugin for WordPress changes everything – it is now simple to add EVP videos to your content.

Lottery Results – A New WordPress Plugin


Download the plugin at For plugin support, please visit the support forum. Show lottery results from all 43 states with lotteries Choose which games you want to display Choose from different lotto results layouts Embed results in your content using the lottery] shortcode. The widget automatically gets updated results every 6 hours, then they are […] Changes Plugin Page Layout plugin page from 2008 plugin page layout change likely for usability A couple of weeks ago, changed the layout of their plugins directory plugin pages. The update was likely to improve usability for users trying to determine whether a plugin is trustworthy and what it does. I believe the re-arranging of the page has achieved those goals. […]

Interspire & BigCommerce WordPress Plugin

Integrate Interspire or BigCommerce with your WordPress website You want to spend your time writing the best content, not hunting for the link for the product you’re blogging about. This plugin is simple to set up, and powerful. If you use WordPress and Interspire or BigCommerce, it’s a must have. For for information, check out […]

WordPress Debt Calculator

Debt Calculator Screenshot

Download the plugin from Add a debt calculator to your WordPress blog Do you have a financial blog or a blog about debt, money management, or household spending? Add a free debt calculator to your blog with no coding required. Updating the style: You can update the form’s style by editing the plugin’s debt.css […]

{SEO WordSpinner Plugin – A Killer SEO Plugin for WordPress|Kick SEO Ass with SEO WordSpinner Plugin for WordPress|WordPress Content Spinner Plugin – SEO WordSpinner}

Content Spinner for WordPress

{|} Download the SEO WordSpinner Plugin and test {SEO WordSpinner|the SEO WordSpinner plugin|this great plugin|this WordPress SEO plugin} out. Refresh this page to experience content spinning in action. Why use a content spinner? There are a lot of content spinners out there (I won’t even bother linking to them, most are for spamming, not for […]

Add Custom Titles for Tags and Categories in WordPress

Merge two WordPress SEO plugins for the best SEO value

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin? A combination of two. All in One SEO Pack (AIOSEO) is the leader in WordPress SEO plugins. It offers great functionality and simple integration into the process of writing a post. AIOSEO is not a perfect plugin, however, because it lacks some very important functionality: Custom category title tags Custom tag […]

WordPress Comment Form 404 Error – Now Fixed!

404 Error Page from WordPress Comment Forms

Disabling the Cookies for Comments plugin broke the comments form. On the recommendation of Matt Cutts, I added the Cookies for Comments plugin to this blog, and also added their recommended .htaccess modifications: RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.*XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.*$ RewriteRule ^wp-comments-post.php – [F,L] When I realized that Cookies for Comments was slowing down my blog considerably, I disabled […]

How to Prevent Loading WP-DownloadManager's CSS File

Stop loading WP-Downloads CSS File

If you want to disable the WordPress plugin WP-DownloadManager‘s download-css.css file from being loaded, add the following code to your functions.php file: remove_action(‘wp_print_styles’, ‘downloads_stylesheets’); Alternatively, if you would just like to use your own stylesheet, you can add a file named download-css.css to your theme’s directory, and the plugin will automatically load your stylesheet instead.

Improve Gravity Forms – Gravity Forms Addons Plugin

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress

Download Gravity Forms Addons Plugin on Gravity Forms + Directory Capabilities Since Gravity Forms came out, it’s been transforming how WordPress can be used. It makes a contact form more than a contact form. It makes a contact form the basis for anything you can imagine. The Gravity Forms Addons plugin has added Directory […]