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Shopify Importer – Import Shopify Products into WordPress

Download the plugin from Shopify is a great hosted eCommerce provider. WordPress is the best blogging platform. I first learned about Shopify in 2007, and was very interested in their service: they take care of every aspect of an eCommerce shop, and you pay them monthly plus a little cut of your sales. Themes: […]


Add 'Customers Also Purchased' to the Cart Page on Interspire Shopping Cart

“Customers Also Purchased” should be on the cart page, right? The Interspire Shopping Cart has a “Customers Also Bought” feature, but for some reason, they didn’t think to make it functional on the cart page — one of the most useful (and obvious) places to have the feature. This modification will allow you to place […]

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Add Canonical Tags to Shopp Plugin for SEO

I am building a store using the Shopp plugin, and I noticed that there are possibilities for duplicate content issues: A product can be accessed both by /shop/{productID} and /shop/{product-slug} A tag can be accessed using /shop/?shopp_tag={tag-uri} and /shop/tag/{tag-slug} A tag can be accessed using /shop/?shopp_category={category-id} and /shop/{category-uri} Should Google somehow find it’s way into […]

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Add a Store Catalog XML Sitemap to the Shopp Plugin

The Shopp default RSS/XML/Google Base solution was not enough. I needed to have a Google Base feed that featured all the store products. For some reason, the recommended process wasn’t working for me. It was either showing only recent products, or it wasn’t working at all.  Here’s how I fixed it:

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Edit Product Link for Shopp Plugin

If you use the Shopp plugin for WordPress, you’ve likely found something frustrating: you click on the “Edit Post” link, and you get to edit the Store page, not the product in Shopp. Here’s a quick fix: add the following to your theme’s functions.php file:

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Interspire Shopping Cart — Add a Brands Drop-Down Menu

Don’t use the Interspire Shopping Cart? Check it out; it rocks. The Interspire Shopping Cart is a great tool, but it’s missing some stuff out of the box. I am working on a shopping cart for a client, and wanted to incorporate a drop down menu of brand names using a standard <select> form. Sounds […]

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Incorporate WordPress with Interspire Shopping Cart

I’m going to elaborate on this further (and about Interspire in general), but for those of you who want to make WordPress functions available throughout your shopping cart, here’s how: Before the closing ?> in the init.php file, add the following code: require(realpath(ISC_BASE_PATH).’/blog-directory/wp-blog-header.php’);, where /blog-directory/ is your WP installation. If you installed it in the root directory, […]

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Recover your password from Interspire Shopping Cart

I develop my websites locally, so sending Lost Password emails never works. When I forget what my password is, it’s quite the hassle. I’m developing an Interspire Shopping Cart website, and lo and behold, I lost the password. Here’s how to recover your password from Interspire Shopping Cart:

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Tableless, accessible, nearly validating osCommerce — Rewriting the beast

osCommerce accessibility stinks osCommerce default installation is a huge mess for accessibility. Every piece of code that the platform spits out has endless tables and poorly coded HTML — finding your way through the code is like trying to clear brush. The simple solution to osCommerce accessibility is to install the Simple Template System and put […]

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Standards-Compliant Shopping Cart with XHTML & CSS!

I’ve been looking for a shopping cart like this for a long time One of my clients is looking to move from osCommerce to a more user-friendly solution, and I really want to use a shopping cart that is XHTML and standards-compliant…Something that validates and looks pretty with stylesheets off, has a full feature set, […]