WordPress.org Changes Plugin Page Layout

Wordpress.org plugin page from 2008

WordPress.org plugin page layout change likely for usability A couple of weeks ago, WordPress.org changed the layout of their plugins directory plugin pages. The update was likely to improve usability for users trying to determine whether a plugin is trustworthy and what it does. I believe the re-arranging of the page has achieved those goals. […]

Mountain America Jerky Redesign Launched

Mountain America Jerky Redesign I’m happy to announce that today the new Mountain America Jerky website launched. Check out the site and try some of their crazy-good Garlic Black Pepper Beef Jerky. One perk of working with a nice client who sells beef jerky is getting samples of the product! Seriously, though, it’s the best […]

Career-Magic.com Launched


An updated website for a Denver career coach CAREERMagic came to Katz Web Design to give their website some fresh blood. When Career-Magic.com was last updated, I was in high school.  Yes, it’s true — and I said it. The website not only needed updating visually, but there were a lot of parts of the […]

Obama White House Website Design — the President's Web Site


Update: the new White House Website is launched! The new White House website design: what to expect? We know who President-Elect Barack Obama’s web designers were: SimpleScott, and later Walker Hamilton too.  My sources tell me (don’t you have sources? ) that Scott Thomas and Walker Hamilton are no longer working with the Obama or Change.gov website. Scott Thomas […]

Creating a Real Estate Website in WordPress — Part 2


If you find this article helpful, please share it, or Digg it! In Part 1 of Building a real estate website in WordPress, you learned about a plugin called FreshPost that we used to set up the basic structure of your real estate website.  Using this article, you will be able to display a single listing page […]

Tableless, accessible, nearly validating osCommerce — Rewriting the beast


osCommerce accessibility stinks osCommerce default installation is a huge mess for accessibility. Every piece of code that the platform spits out has endless tables and poorly coded HTML — finding your way through the code is like trying to clear brush. The simple solution to osCommerce accessibility is to install the Simple Template System and put […]

Denver Real Estate Website – Blue Sky Development Group


In anticipation of a magazine ad in Denver magazine 5280, we launched two static web pages featuring properties. 2250 South Marion Street 2372 South Humboldt Street These websites are no longer active. These pages are a preview to the WordPress real estate website I’ve been working on.  The complete site will be coming soon, including […]

Standards-Compliant Shopping Cart with XHTML & CSS!

I’ve been looking for a shopping cart like this for a long time One of my clients is looking to move from osCommerce to a more user-friendly solution, and I really want to use a shopping cart that is XHTML and standards-compliant…Something that validates and looks pretty with stylesheets off, has a full feature set, […]

Westside Business Builders chooses Katz Web Design


Westside Business Builders is a networking group based in Golden, Colorado. Their website provides general information about the group, and it serves as a member directory. Katz Web Design is a member of the group. The membership committee asked Katz Web Design to prepare a proposal for the WSBB website, and this Wednesday, the group voted […]

Found: Hillary Clinton's web designer


We know who Barack Obama’s web designer is.  Let’s find out who Hillary’s web designer is! I’ve looked through the CSS and there’s no trace of the designer. Anyone know? Hillary Clinton’s web designer has been found! Thanks to krs who left a comment below, Hillary’s web designer has been found. Design by Mayfield Strategy Group […]

Found: Barack Obama's Web Designer


Update: The New WhiteHouse.gov Website Update: Who will be the White House web designer? A lot of people have wanted to know who designed Barack Obama’s website. With good reason: Obama’s website is beautiful. It even conveys Obama’s message of hope in it’s wistful design. Well, here it is: Barack Obama’s web designer is: SimpleScott. […]

WordPress.com finally updates to 2.5 — A review


A picture [of my cat] is worth a thousand words. I’ve been waiting for WordPress.com to update the administration panel so that I can have galleries.  That is the main feature that I’ve been waiting for.  Now it’s here, I can finally upload pictures of my cat (and my wife )   This will also […]

How does a 30% conversion rate sound?


I like to brag every now and then. When we set out to design a landing page for my Denver client, we had our eyes set on a minimum 2% conversion rate for their pay-per-click campaign. Currently, we’re achieving a 15.94% overall conversion rate. I made some tweaks to the form design last week, and […]

Warning: Create your website at your own risk!


We know better now. My wife and I have just bought our first house. It has been updated, it looks great, and we’re slowly making it our own. When we bought it, we planned on installing our own laminate flooring. We bought a circular saw, read a few how-to articles, and felt generally pretty confident. […]

How to Define Your Website Audience – includes a PDF sample!


This two-page PDF file is an example of how to define your website audience. When you create a website, it’s important to have in mind for whom you’re designing. When designing landing pages, it is especially important to focus on an audience and craft every piece of content to fit that profile. Feel free to […]

Content is king…when can I get it?


As a web designer / developer, my job is pretty straight forward: I design a website, code it, and add the content. But that’s not all. I’ve also got to be a pest, hounding clients for content. At the beginning of each project, it’s always a good idea to get a firm grasp on exactly […]