Constant Contact

Constant Contact Forms Generator – Create a Form for any Website or Blog

I am proud to announce the Constant Contact Form Generator Check it out now » Katz Web Design has been developing this project during the past few months, on weekends and late at night. The time has come to launch a new forms generator for Constant Contact users. Why use the Constant Contact form generator? […]

Blogging Tutorial

Integrate Blogger Into your PHP Website using Includes

PHP includes for Blogger Before writing this post, I looked online to see if others have written about this same topic. This might as well be Michael Gray’s “Integrating Blogger Into Your Website: Part II”, which he never wrote — though he did write Part I. Step 1: Switch Blogger files to PHP First, you […]

Blogging finally updates to 2.5 — A review

A picture [of my cat] is worth a thousand words. I’ve been waiting for to update the administration panel so that I can have galleries.  That is the main feature that I’ve been waiting for.  Now it’s here, I can finally upload pictures of my cat (and my wife 🙂 )   This will […]