(With Comments) (with Comments)

I love, and I also love Daring Fireball with Comments… …so I created (with Comments)! Install the extension for Safari or Chrome and you’ll have Disqus-based comments on! To help keep the conversation civil, rude words lead to moderated comments.  I look forward to our discussions. – Zack Katz

WordPress Comment Form 404 Error – Now Fixed!

404 Error Page from WordPress Comment Forms

Disabling the Cookies for Comments plugin broke the comments form. On the recommendation of Matt Cutts, I added the Cookies for Comments plugin to this blog, and also added their recommended .htaccess modifications: RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.*XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.*$ RewriteRule ^wp-comments-post.php – [F,L] When I realized that Cookies for Comments was slowing down my blog considerably, I disabled […]

Denver SEO Blog Hits 100,000 Visitors Hits 100,000 Visitors

I launched this blog in January 2008 – only 19 months ago. Since then, the blog has seen 100,000 visitors. I look forward to creating more posts that you find interesting. Last year at this time: The blog was averaging 18 readers per day. Now it averages 357. The blog had 14,677 visitors. This month, […]

Integrate Blogger Into your PHP Website using Includes


PHP includes for Blogger Before writing this post, I looked online to see if others have written about this same topic. This might as well be Michael Gray’s “Integrating Blogger Into Your Website: Part II”, which he never wrote — though he did write Part I. Step 1: Switch Blogger files to PHP First, you […]

How to embed a private video on your blog


Embed videos that won’t be indexed by Google or viewable by the public. You might want to create a video and put it on your website, but you don’t want the rest of the world to find it via search engines or YouTube. You may have a blog, and you want to give a few […]

This blog has great PageRank!

So I’ve been working on creating great content for everyone out there, which happens to include Google.  Well, it turns out that the Denver Web Design & Denver SEO Blog has been given a PageRank (their system of measuring the quality of a website) of 5/10…which is great. I enjoy blogging for many reasons other than SEO, […]

Encouraging clients to write often…or using a blogging service?


I’ve been working with the WordPress platform for a little while now, and I’ve been a regular blogger since January (though I had been promoting blogging for years earlier, and had my first blog in 2000 [yes, I’m a bit insecure about my blogging creds]).  I’ve created many sites with blogging capabilities, some of them […]

How to increase online exposure through social bookmarking


Are you having the exposure blues? Do you write articles that few people read? It may be because they aren’t finding your article! Writing on your blog is not enough when you’re starting out. It’s important to spread the word. Doing a little legwork after you write an article makes a large difference in the […]

How to get more comments on your blog


I was asked a question by a potential client about blog comments.  She was concerned that some of the blog designs I’ve created have little user interaction.  She wrote (emphasis added by me): I have been looking at the blogs you have created.  I am wondering why there aren’t many comments.  I want to use […] finally updates to 2.5 — A review


A picture [of my cat] is worth a thousand words. I’ve been waiting for to update the administration panel so that I can have galleries.  That is the main feature that I’ve been waiting for.  Now it’s here, I can finally upload pictures of my cat (and my wife )   This will also […]

Is Blogging Really Worth the Time?

Today, a business associate asked me “I know about blogging, and it seems like a waste of time. Why is blogging worth the time?” I was able to reply with some very convincing arguments — and in a way, I reminded myself about the value of blogging. Blogging establishes you as an expert in your […]

Abusing Google Trends – Unethical blogging


I stumbled upon the website BlogFlux today and found myself reading a blog titled Jehzlau Concepts. I found one of the articles very interesting about how to increase rank on your blog even if you don’t post often. You should check out the article. The article says that a great way to get traffic is […]

Posting consistently


Set up a blogging schedule that aligns to your slacking habits  If you find yourself not posting to your blog and letting your website stagnate, set up a schedule that fits your cycle of procrastination. We all know how hard it can be to do anything consistently, but we manage when the results are immediate.  Take […]