Blogging Mac Personal (With Comments)

I love, and I also love Daring Fireball with Comments… …so I created (with Comments)! Install the extension for Safari or Chrome and you’ll have Disqus-based comments on! To help keep the conversation civil, rude words lead to moderated comments.  I look forward to our discussions. – Zack Katz


How to Change the Width of the Reading List Sidebar in Safari

For the record, I know this is a silly hack. Add a new item to the `~/Library/Preferences/` file: Key: `SidebarSplitViewDividerPosition` Type: “Number” Value: `400` For the value, use whatever width you want in the number of pixels. I think I like 400.

Google Web Development

Get URL for Searches in Safari 6

There have been many articles and conversations about the question of how to get the URL of a Google search in Safari 6. Some solutions include using the Terminal to get the URL, using AppleScript,  using bookmarklets, and using Automator. I created a Safari Extension to make this process easier. Get URL: Easily get the URL […]