(With Comments) (with Comments)

I love, and I also love Daring Fireball with Comments… …so I created (with Comments)! Install the extension for Safari or Chrome and you’ll have Disqus-based comments on! To help keep the conversation civil, rude words lead to moderated comments.  I look forward to our discussions. – Zack Katz

Add Googlebot User Agent to Safari Develop Menu

Googlebot Safari

If you’re like me, you’ve wanted to have the Googlebot user agent availalbe in the Develop menu of Safari. Go to /Applications/ Right-click on and select Show Package Contents Navigate to Contents/Resources/ Find `UserAgents.plist` Open `UserAgents.plist` in your favorite text editor Either Replace with the contents of this file and continue to step 9: [download id=”12″] […]

SEO It! Bookmarklet – Improves Search Results in iPhone & Safari


Format your search results for SEO Works great for SEO searches on the iPhone! It’s frustrating doing searches with SEO in mind, then having Google add SearchWiki, personalized results, and other localizations that mess up what you wanted: accurate results. Here’s the solution: The SEO It! Bookmarklet. I do lots of searching as an SEO. […]

Introducing: the SEO Stylesheet for Safari, Firefox, Opera, and IE


Firefox gets all the cool toys As I’ve written before, Firefox SEO — not Safari — gets all the glory. One of the great things about Firefox is the Add-ons (plugins) that extend its functionality. For web developers and SEOs, it’s vital to easily see what rank your website has when doing searches. There are tons […]

Disable Styles and Javascript in Safari with Keyboard Shortcuts – How To


Now Safari’s just as cool as Firefox If you’re a web developer on the Mac, you may be sick of everyone talking about Firefox Addons that do everything but wipe your ass. True, Firefox is a great browser that is very expandable, but I love Safari, and I want to do as much web development […]