SEO It! Bookmarklet – Improves Search Results in iPhone & Safari

Clean up your Google search results!

Format your search results for SEO

Works great for SEO searches on the iPhone!

It’s frustrating doing searches with SEO in mind, then having Google add SearchWiki, personalized results, and other localizations that mess up what you wanted: accurate results. Here’s the solution: The SEO It! Bookmarklet.

  • I do lots of searching as an SEO. I look for ranking, competition, additional keywords, etc. I use Google a LOT. And I use Apple’s Safari browser.
  • By default, I am logged in to my Google account, and have Google preferences set to showing 100 results at a time. The problem? Google shows different ranking and links based on the number of results you see.
  • I have Google Web History enabled, and Google provides me with “Personalized results based on my search history.” When doing SEO, I don’t want these results: I want what others will see.
  • I use SearchWiki to move up results of websites I have created. When trying to get accurate SEO ranking, this is frustrating.
  • I do SEO searches on my iPhone, too – where I need to manually strip out the annoying &client=safari to see a normal results page.

Enter the SEO It! Bookmarklet

Here’s how to add the bookmarklet (works in both Firefox and Safari):

  1. Go to the SEO It! Bookmarklet page
  2. Drag the link to your bookmarks bar
  3. Do a Google search, then click (or tap) the bookmarklet.

Whenever you perform a search on Google, it will:

  • Make your query 10 results per page (by adding &num=10)
  • Disable personalized search results (by adding &aq=f&oq=&pws=0&pwst=1)
  • Disable SearchWiki (by adding &hl=all)
  • Works great in making iPhone Google searches SEO-friendly! 

When you do any search in Google, click the SEO It! bookmarklet, and it will make the search results more accurate for your SEO research in Safari, Firefox or the iPhone (works in Windows versions as well).

Leave your comments and bug reports below!

Before and after on an iPhone SEO search

Thanks to Yoast finding the Google Insights Bookmarklet, which I modified to make this bookmarklet.

Power user tip: in Safari, go to the Bookmarks menu, navigate to the Bookmarks Bar, and you should see there is an automatically assigned keyboard shortcut. Instead of clicking each time, you can just use the keyboard. Mine is Command-4!

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

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