Now is now Katz Web Services hasn’t been doing SEO for years – I’ve been focusing on making great WordPress plugins (such as IDX+) and I have been disenchanted with the SEO industry. So it was time to move the domain to I’m looking forward to writing more blog posts now that […]

Add Googlebot User Agent to Safari Develop Menu

Googlebot Safari

If you’re like me, you’ve wanted to have the Googlebot user agent availalbe in the Develop menu of Safari. Go to /Applications/ Right-click on and select Show Package Contents Navigate to Contents/Resources/ Find `UserAgents.plist` Open `UserAgents.plist` in your favorite text editor Either Replace with the contents of this file and continue to step 9: [download id=”12″] […]


A great domain goes up for sale on GoDaddy. I have put the domain up for auction: with the upcoming release of the top-secret WordPress real estate plugin, I have chosen to sell this prime property. The auction will be ending in 18 hours, so if you’re into Colorado, Denver, Loveland, or Boulder SEO […]

The Google +1 Sprite Animation


How the +1 Button Works The +1 Button uses an advanced sprite technique to simulate an animated `gif`. The animation occurs when hovering over search results with +1 enabled, and the shine moves across the button. (The image to the right is an animated `gif` I made…) The +1 Button is not an animated `gif`, […]

Google Instant Scraper – The Best Tool for Google Instant SEO

Google Search Results Scraper

Optimize your site, find niche keywords How the Google Instant Scraper works: Enter a “seed” keyword (or multiple keywords separated by commas) and choose how many levels deep you would like to scrape; The Scraper gets results from Google Instant for that keyword. These are level 1 keywords. For each level 1 keyword, the Scraper gathers […]

Google Rewrites Your Search Result Titles for Relevance

Google Editing Snipped Titles

Google is changing your titles for you…whether they’re “optimized” or not! Google is overruling your title tags when they determine that your content headlines are more relevant. Previously, I had only seen this behavior when there were not well-structured title tags, keyword-stuffed title tags or no title tags at all. This has been well documented […]

Want some valuable .gov links? Get a FDA warning letter!

FDA Warning SEO

I recently discovered that FDA Warnings have been unwittingly adding value to the very websites and products they are trying to warn about. What does this mean in the context of Google’s new negative review algorithm? Google has been working on de-valuing bad reviews… There has been lots of press over the NY Times article exposing […]

FOUND: A Guide to The Most Profitable Service Industry Niches

Keyword Niche Finding Sniper

This should be tagged as “Dangerously Powerful” At the bottom of this article is a downloadcontaining detailed per-lead pricing for hundreds of industries. When trying to create niche websites, research is very important. You need to ask the following questions: What are the most profitable industries? How much can I make or should I charge […]

How to Add www. – or Remove www. – From Your URL

Add or remove WWW!

This has been done many times by others, but just a quick tip on how to add or remove www. from your website’s address. This is helpful for URL canonicalization and user experience consistency. You can also achieve SEO-friendly canonicalization using rel=”canonical”. Oh boy, I’m getting too technical Here’s the juicy part: Add the following […]

Show Content Only Plugin – A Perfect Keyword Research Companion

Keep it clean

Download the Plugin from Another WordPress SEO Plugin by Katz Web Services The Show Content Only Plugin enables you to show only a post or page’s content, without sidebars, footers, and other content. There are many different reasons for wanting to show just the content, but there’s never been such an easy way to do […]

A Great SEO Tool For Geo-Targeted Keyword Combinations

Keyword List Generator

Save Time Creating SEO-Friendly Keyword Combinations As an SEO, one of the things I do on a regular basis is come up with keyword permutations and combinations for many locations related to the corporations I am engaged with. What I often do is I use PHP scripting and create multiple arrays of keywords, locations, and […]

{SEO WordSpinner Plugin – A Killer SEO Plugin for WordPress|Kick SEO Ass with SEO WordSpinner Plugin for WordPress|WordPress Content Spinner Plugin – SEO WordSpinner}

Content Spinner for WordPress

{|} Download the SEO WordSpinner Plugin and test {SEO WordSpinner|the SEO WordSpinner plugin|this great plugin|this WordPress SEO plugin} out. Refresh this page to experience content spinning in action. Why use a content spinner? There are a lot of content spinners out there (I won’t even bother linking to them, most are for spamming, not for […]

Add Custom Titles for Tags and Categories in WordPress

Merge two WordPress SEO plugins for the best SEO value

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin? A combination of two. All in One SEO Pack (AIOSEO) is the leader in WordPress SEO plugins. It offers great functionality and simple integration into the process of writing a post. AIOSEO is not a perfect plugin, however, because it lacks some very important functionality: Custom category title tags Custom tag […]

Add Canonical Tags to Shopp Plugin for SEO

Shopp Plugin for WordPress

I am building a store using the Shopp plugin, and I noticed that there are possibilities for duplicate content issues: A product can be accessed both by /shop/{productID} and /shop/{product-slug} A tag can be accessed using /shop/?shopp_tag={tag-uri} and /shop/tag/{tag-slug} A tag can be accessed using /shop/?shopp_category={category-id} and /shop/{category-uri} Should Google somehow find it’s way into […]

Google Place Pages – Google Finally Shows its Answer to

Yelp Eats!...Google Place Pages

Google finally goes “local directory” in Place Pages Google had been lagging behind sites like in providing a place to find information about businesses. If you did a local search, you would have a “More info…” link that would expand your search result inside the map and have tabs that were badly organized. Not […]

SEO Google Profiles – Google Adds NoFollow to Links

Zack Katz Google Profile

Just a quick post to show that Google has started to nofollow all links on new Google Profiles.  This is too bad for a quick SEO shot in the arm, but also makes sense, since most of the people who knew about Google Profiles were SEO’s anyway Here’s my do-follow Google profile: Zachary Katz – Google […]

SEO & Switching Domains

Moving domains for SEO

Goodbye old friend. Hello shiny new domain! Recently I moved my company’s domain from to to reflect the change of the business name (over one year ago) from Katz Web Design to Katz Web Services, Inc., to reflect the in company services offerings, and to have a .com domain. This is a simple […]