SEO & Switching Domains

Goodbye old friend. Hello shiny new domain!

Recently I moved my company’s domain from to to reflect the change of the business name (over one year ago) from Katz Web Design to Katz Web Services, Inc., to reflect the in company services offerings, and to have a .com domain.

This is a simple switch, not re-launching a new website — just moving the same site from one domain to the next. Here’s how I approached the switch, and it’s a solid method to use for any domain switch: Continue reading “SEO & Switching Domains” is new home of Denver Web Design & SEO Blog

Denver Web Design & SEO Blog has moved!

I’ve taken the plunge: the site is now mapped to, a domain I purchased last year. I’m not sure what the long-term plans are for this domain, but at least I’ll be building links to my own domain, not to…