QuickTip Web Development

How to Add www. – or Remove www. – From Your URL

This has been done many times by others, but just a quick tip on how to add or remove www. from your website’s address. This is helpful for URL canonicalization and user experience consistency. You can also achieve SEO-friendly canonicalization using rel=”canonical”. Oh boy, I’m getting too technical 🙂 Here’s the juicy part: Add the […]

Blogging WordPress

WordPress Comment Form 404 Error – Now Fixed!

Disabling the Cookies for Comments plugin broke the comments form. On the recommendation of Matt Cutts, I added the Cookies for Comments plugin to this blog, and also added their recommended .htaccess modifications: RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.*XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.*$ RewriteRule ^wp-comments-post.php – [F,L] When I realized that Cookies for Comments was slowing down my blog considerably, I disabled […]

Domains SEO

SEO & Switching Domains

Goodbye old friend. Hello shiny new domain! Recently I moved my company’s domain from to to reflect the change of the business name (over one year ago) from Katz Web Design to Katz Web Services, Inc., to reflect the in company services offerings, and to have a .com domain. This is a simple […]

Tutorial Web Development

Redirect a Website in ColdFusion – Add www. or Move to New Domain

Redirecting a website in ColdFusion (.CFM) I have been working on a ColdFusion website, and I wanted to find a way to require ‘www.’ in the URL (to consolidate all pages on www. for SEO). I normally work with PHP and Apache servers, so I’m used to .htaccess. I knew there had to be a […]


Use .htaccess to make all your HTML files PHP

Note: the following will not work on all server configurations, which may be why you’re using SSI in the first place. Call your server administrator/tech support and see if the following techniques are supported. Escape static HTML If you want the power and flexibility of PHP but don’t want to (or can’t) shift away from […]