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WordPress Comment Form 404 Error – Now Fixed!

Disabling the Cookies for Comments plugin broke the comments form. On the recommendation of Matt Cutts, I added the Cookies for Comments plugin to this blog, and also added their recommended .htaccess modifications: RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.*XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.*$ RewriteRule ^wp-comments-post.php – [F,L] When I realized that Cookies for Comments was slowing down my blog considerably, I disabled […]


Admin Drop Down Menu plugin does not break WordPress 2.5 Image Uploader [updated]

The plugin has been updated. The multitudes may celebrate fewer clicks! As sad as it is to admit (since the plugin has saved me thousands of clicks), Admin Drop Down Menu by Ozh breaks the WordPress image uploader. If you’ve tried everything WordPress tells you to do in order to fix that Image Gallery feature […]