30 Years of Mac: White and Male

Apple has a deep-seated diversity problem. In the 30 Years of Mac mini-site, a thoughtfully prepared homage to the history of the Macintosh and the people who use it to create, there were four women featured out of the twenty-eight profiles. One of … [Read more]

SEODenver.com: Now katz.co

SEODenver.com is now katz.co Katz Web Services hasn't been doing SEO for years - I've been focusing on making great WordPress plugins (such as IDX+) and I have been disenchanted with the SEO industry. So it was time to move the SEODenver.com domain … [Read more]

YOURLS Link Anonymizer

Link Anonymizer Anonymously visit links in YOURLS, including referring sites and original URLs. Sometimes you want to click a link, but you don't want to have your YOURLS installation be the refferer. So you right click, copy the URL, paste it in … [Read more]

Marco.org (With Comments)

I love Marco.org, and I also love Daring Fireball with Comments... ...so I created Marco.org (with Comments)! Install the extension for Safari or Chrome and you'll have Disqus-based comments on Marco.org! To help keep the conversation civil, rude … [Read more]

Toggle WordPress Help Menu

It's not possible (as far as I know) to currently link directly to a help tab in WordPress. Here's the jQuery solution I cooked up: `` /** * Toggle the WP help menu tab by linking to the tab id * * The anchor must have a `rel` of `wp-help` … [Read more]