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A quick Doxygen fix for @type

Doxygen doesn’t recognize the @type docblock tag. That’s a problem, since at GravityView, we try to replicate WordPress core’s usage of the @type docblock tags to define nested values in associative arrays.

The fix? Add an ALIAS in Doxygen where @type is treated as @param. Here’s how:

[email protected]

Now, Doxygen will recognize your @type tags as it does @alias tags.

Where to find this setting in the Doxygen app

I use the Doxygen app rather than the command-line interface. Here’s where to find the setting:

  1. In the Topics sidebar, select Project
  2. Scroll down to ALIASES
  3. Click the plus (+) icon to add a new alias
  4. Type [email protected]
  5. Click the arrows-in-a-circle icon just to be sure it took

Here’s what all my aliases look like:

Screenshot of ALIASES definition in the Doxygen app.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the creator of GravityView and the President of Katz Web Services. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife and cute beast of a cat.