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Is your Easy Digital Downloads AJAX request taking too long to load?

TLDR: If you want faster credit card AJAX load times in EDD, disable the “Show previously used cards” setting in EDD. Hint: It only happens when you or a customer are logged-in. I’ve recently found that it can take up to 8 seconds for the credit card fields to load when working on the GravityView […]

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Allow customers to update their cards in disabled gateways using Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments

Last year, GravityView was using PayPal Pro to process credit card transations with our shopping cart, Easy Digital Downloads. Over time, we became frustrated with the error rate of PayPal notifications: PayPal kept telling us the country code wasn’t set. But it was. This was preventing customers from checking out, so GravityView switched to using […]


How to get all downloads in Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads defaults to using 10 results per page when using the get_products() method. You can modify this default using the edd_api_results_per_page filter. Here’s how to fetch all products at once: $EDD_API = new EDD_API; // Force EDD to show all the downloads at once. add_filter(‘edd_api_results_per_page’, ‘modify_edd_api_results_per_page’ ); // Get all the EDD products […]