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Is Gravity Forms not able to repair your `gf_addon_feed` database table?

If you click the “Re-run database upgrade” link in Gravity Forms’ System Status page, and it doesn’t properly generate the {prefix}_gf_addon_feed table, here’s the likely problem: The Feed Addon that you have installed is likely not being activated early enough. This is about to get techy: The “Re-run database upgrade” script is triggered by the […]

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Have you ever wanted to take a form submission and show the results on a website? That’s what GravityView does. GravityView integrates with the popular Gravity Forms plugin and makes it easy to display entries on your website. Embed Gravity Forms entry data in a post or a page Control what data is displayed using […]

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A Gravity Forms Add-on: Change Who Created An Entry

This simple plugin allows you to edit who created an entry in Gravity Forms. When you have an entry from Gravity Forms that you want to edit, you can edit almost anything, except for the entry assignment; who created the entry. Activate the plugin and you will see a drop-down input with each user on […]