Wanted: Intermediate/Advanced PHP Developers for Ongoing Freelance Work

Are you a self-motivated intermediate or advanced PHP freelance developer? Want to work on taking WordPress plugins to the next level?

I want to work with for someone who is interested in contract or hourly work to work with on GravityView, IDX+, and my other WordPress plugins. There is lots of work to be done. We currently have a team of 3 people working on the plugins, and I’m looking to expand my development and support team.

What you would be doing:

  • Develop additional functionality for existing plugins
  • Refactor existing code – implement appropriate coding patterns
  • Help squash bugs

What we’re looking for:

  • Good code – Write code with well-conceived structure
  • Problem solving – Figure out solutions that are best-practice and maintainable
  • Good communication – Check in when milestones are reached and when you have questions or delays
  • Intermediate to advanced PHP skills (With lots of OOP experience)
  • Experience with WordPress is a plus (familiarity with actions/filters/functions)
  • Experience writing unit tests with PHPUnit is a plus

If you are interested and feel like you would like to work with us, please fill out this form:

Get in touch to work with us:

  • Please check each box to show you've read what we're looking for!
  • What project best shows your abilities, and why?
  • Helpful, but not required.
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SEODenver.com: Now katz.co

WordPress SEO Plugin

SEODenver.com is now katz.co

Katz Web Services hasn’t been doing SEO for years – I’ve been focusing on making great WordPress plugins (such as IDX+) and I have been disenchanted with the SEO industry.

So it was time to move the SEODenver.com domain to katz.co. I’m looking forward to writing more blog posts now that there’s not the discord between the domain and my interests.

Recent Projects & Lessons Learned

There’s been a lull here on the SEODenver.com website. That doesn’t mean I’ve been standing still. What have I been up to?

I’m going to tell you a bit about these projects and something I’ve learned from each of them. Continue reading “Recent Projects & Lessons Learned”

"What If I Die?" What This Mortal Tells His Clients

If I were to die…

  • I use a password management application and have instructed my wife how to use it. This application holds all passwords related to my business, protected by a master password only she and I know.
  • My wife has a 50% stake in Katz Web Services, Inc. and will legally be able to act as a representative of the company.
  • I am a HostGator web hosting reseller. After speaking with a HostGator customer representative, they told me what would happen is that clients could call them direclty and sign up for an account with them. HostGator would then transfer their databases and all website files to their account for free. Even though in theory they could continue using my hosting forever (there’s password reset, auto-billing, etc), they would be able to get access to their information regardless of what happens.
  • I use standard coding practices. Any web developer should be able to pick up where I left off without too much of a learning curve. There’s always a learning period when taking over a website, but all files will be accessible and open source.

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” – Mark Twain

Next steps

I know that stating that “your information will be available to you” is a good start, but it’s not perfect. If requested, I will prepare a document for my clients with all their information. Otherwise, I am an optimist, and plan on being around for longer than their current website 🙂

Katz Web Services, Inc. on Facebook

KWS has a new home on Facebook

The transition from Katz Web Design to Katz Web Services, Inc. is complete with the launch of the Katz Web Services Facebook page. Become a fan, ask questions on the discussion board, and be recognized by others for being so avant-garde!

I love KWS fans – share your love and become a fan today!

KWS has a new home on Facebook

The transition from Katz Web Design to Katz Web Services, Inc. is complete with the launch of the Katz Web Services Facebook page.  Become a fan, ask questions on the discussion board, and be recognized by others for being so avant-garde!

I love KWS fans – share your love and become a fan today!

Katz Web Services Featured in iContact's Email Marketing Monthly

iContact EMM

iContact sent out their Email Marketing Monthly October email and featured the Katz Web Services iContact plugin for WordPress. We’re glad they like it, and hope you do too!

Get the iContact Widget for WordPress, and check out iContact for your email marketing.

Denver SEO Blog Hits 100,000 Visitors

SEODenver.com Hits 100,000 Visitors

I launched this blog in January 2008 – only 19 months ago. Since then, the blog has seen 100,000 visitors. I look forward to creating more posts that you find interesting.

Last year at this time:

  • The blog was averaging 18 readers per day. Now it averages 357.
  • The blog had 14,677 visitors. This month, we hit 100,000.

Most popular blog posts on SEO Denver Blog:

“Next year in Jerusalem Denver”, SEO Blog!

I’d love to see the blog continue to grow at this rate. That would mean that the site would hit:

  • 11,283 visitors per month, 376 visitors per day,  and 158,517 total visitors by next January
  • 14,313 visitors per month, 477 visitors per day,  and 253,436 total visitors by next July

For people who like statistics, this is the equation for the polynomial trendline. Check out the equation on Wolfram Alpha. My numbers may be off (I couldn’t stay awake in my 8am Statistics class in college!), but either way, I’m looking forward to checking in on the numbers in a year.  Thank you, readers!

The SEO Denver Blog is Now Self-Hosted

SEO Denver Switching Servers

After a year of hosting the SEODenver.com website on WordPress.com servers, it’s time to finally move on.

WordPress hosting was a good way to get the SEO Denver Blog up quicky and without much forethought…but WordPress.com hosting was always temporary, and finally, the site has moved! Continue reading “The SEO Denver Blog is Now Self-Hosted”

You need Denver SEO if you want to rank well in Google.

Google SEO for Denver is like fishing

Can a Denver business afford to rank poorly in search engines?

Katz Web Design is an SEO company in Denver. This is our blog.  Need help with your website’s search presence? Call 970-882-1477 for a free consultation.

Denver SEO Case study: Ignite Matchmaking

Continue reading “You need Denver SEO if you want to rank well in Google.”

Busy, busy, busy…

Time flies when you're too busy to blog! 
Thanks to hbrinkman for the photo

This holiday season has already been busy for SEOs like Katz Web Design, but it seems like it’s going to get even busier.

There’s a delicate balance between neglecting your business for your blog, and neglecting your blog because of your business. Right now, I’m too busy to strike that balance, because customers always must come before marketing

I have lots of neat WordPress and SEO tricks to share, but it’ll have to be after a few projects are completed 😉  

Until then, here’s a poll:

Katz Web Design Updates — The BBB, Inc., SEO, and Web Design

Not enough hours in the day!

It’s been a wild number of weeks here at Katz Web Design, and there have been some really cool developments.

Business developments: 

  • Click to verify BBB accreditation and to see a BBB report.

    Katz Web Design is now a member of the Denver Better Business Bureau

  • We’ve incorporated: Katz Web Design is a division of Katz Web Services, Inc. Zack is now an employee of Katz Web Services, Inc….and hoping his boss will give him a raise! 🙂

SEO news:

  • Collaborative Solutions, a Denver executive coach is working with Katz Web Design on their search optimization. So far, the results have been good; their website has moved up significantly in many of their target keywords.
  • Katz Web Design will be working with Knox SEO on some upcoming SEO projects.

Web design news:

  • Steve Spangler

    Steve Spangler (the 9 News “Science Education Specialist”) is working with Katz Web Design to update his science blog

  • Healing Touch for Animals chose Katz Web Design to update and maintain their website.
  • Mountain High Roofing, Inc., a Denver roofing company is having KWD create a business blog and refresh their website.

I’ll be posting more updates shortly with some helpful hacks and WordPress tricks I’ve developed, but for now, I’ve got to get back to work!

Denver web hosting — we're making the switch to reselling


A win-win solution: we’ll resell great hosting, you’ll pay less

Katz Web Design will resell hosting to our clients for a discounted price; $2.99 rather than $4.99, for example. The great part? Our clients will pay less for better services, and we get a monthly payment, rather than a one-time commission. Win-win.

There are many web professionals that resell hosting and charge them the “going rate.”  KWD is reselling hosting for good — not for evil! Our clients are going get a great deal on web hosting — a cheaper package with more features than any other host I would normally refer them to.

If you’re interested in cheap, high-quality hosting, call: 970-882-1477. Continue reading “Denver web hosting — we're making the switch to reselling”

Web Design Coupon — Up to $300 off a new website!

Denver Web Design Coupon

Katz Web Design is was offering up to $300.00 in discounts on all new web design projects.

From June 2 to August 2 2008, we want to thank you for your feedback — save up to $300.00 on your website.  After you have your new website, just write a review of your experience with KWD, and save money!

Here’s how the web design discount works:

  • $100.00 off final payment for one review on a major website (Citysearch.com, Yelp.com, Yahoo) after the web design project is complete.
  • $20.00 off final payment for each additional review on another major website.
  • Up to $300.00 total savings!

For full promotion details or to start a new web development project, contact Katz Web Design today: 970-882-1477

Update: For existing clients, if you write a review of Katz Web Design, you will get a $50 credit toward your account.

Domain Buying for Denver SEO

Image by annaOMline

Gettin’ Me Some Domains for Search Engine Optimization

Since Katz Web Design is going to be more active in Denver search engine optimization, I finally registered some domain names that I’ve been eyeing. Since domains are important for S.E.O. and KWD doesn’t have any SEO domain names, it was a ripe time to buy.


  • denverseocompany (.com and .net)
  • denverseo (.info)
  • seodenver (.biz and .info)

Want to sell

There are also a few domains I’d like to sell, since I didn’t end up using them; I was the president of a chapter of Colorado Business Leads for a while, and I had planned to make a member directory website as an added benefit, but (no surprise) I was too busy.

If anyone’s interested in these domains, make an offer.

How I explain what a domain is and what a web host is:

Radio Tower Broadcasts Stations!

Basic explanation of domain names, how domains work, and what web hosts do

Many people ask me questions about a website and don’t know what a domain is.  There’s a very simple analogy that I use that seems to work pretty well.

I explain domains and hosts like this:

A domain is like a radio station, and a host is like a radio tower. You own a station (the domain), then you pay a radio tower (the web host) to broadcast it to the world. Without a host, your website will not be accessible to people trying to tune in to your station’s programming (your website).

While the technical aspects of this analogy are questionable 🙂 , I find that everyone I’ve explained it to understands pretty immediately.

Feel free to use it yourself!

What my business is really about.

In creating the outline for a presentation tomorrow, I realized that my business (and any business) is about caring.

I care about my clients, I care about their business, I care about their website, I care about the website’s users (their customers), and the experience they have while using my creation.

What I care about in business:

  • Quality
    • Structure
    • Accessibility
    • Future-ready
  • Load time
  • Usability
  • Appearance
  • Performance / Conversion
  • Search engine results
  • Customer service
    • Help clients use their website
    • Answer any questions they have
    • Make changes promptly
    • Care about their business
    • Improving their business

I’m always thinking about how to improve my clients’ business, brainstorming at night.  I really want them to succeed, because every success for my clients is a shared success.

Westside Business Builders chooses Katz Web Design

Westside Business Builders logo

Westside Business Builders is a networking group based in Golden, Colorado. Their website provides general information about the group, and it serves as a member directory. Katz Web Design is a member of the group.

The membership committee asked Katz Web Design to prepare a proposal for the WSBB website, and this Wednesday, the group voted to have KWD redesign the website to improve appearance and functionality.

Continue reading “Westside Business Builders chooses Katz Web Design”

Getting closer on my own website design

New KWD website header

A little sneak peek of my new web design

“You need to finish your web site

My website has been in a transitional state for almost a year. Thankfully, in spite of that, Katz Web Design has been thriving. I’ve been so busy that I’ve not had reasonable time to focus on my business’ site.

I met with a client last week who said “Zack, are you a person who takes constructive criticism well?”  I thought ‘I hope so in this business!,’ and told her that I was.  She said “I had a hard time trusting you, since your website isn’t up — even though you’re a strong referral from Dana. Now that we’ve met, I’m completely comfortable. You really need to finish your website.” 

I’ve finally landed on the design.

After months of playing with white-on-black designs that were more in line with what I think is cool, rather than what my audience wants to see. I’ve scrapped tons of designs, and finally realized that simplicity and light design is key.

I’ve started working on creating the site, and it’s moving along quickly.  I’ve landed on a June 6 launch date. Until then, I updated the KWD site with testimonials and recent projects.

A web design testimonial from Todd Colchin

Today at the Westside Business Builders meeting, Todd Colchin of Colchin Automotive & Diesel gave Katz Web Design a testimonial:

Our website is just barely up — and we’ve not done anything with it yet — and yesterday, we got two new customers who came into our shop who found us by our website! They were both 18-25 years old.

Having a website is vital, especially if you want to appeal to younger customer base.