WordPress Digg Shortcode Function – As Seen on WordPress.com

When moving from WordPress.com, my Digg shortcodes broke.

I wanted a simple way to transition my Digg chicklets to a WordPress.org installation.

I created a function that does nothing special, except for reproducing the Digg shortcode functionality on WordPress.com. All you need to do is enter [digg=http://digg.com/path_to_story_on_digg], and it will create a Digg This chicklet for you. Here’s the code in action →

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The SEO Denver Blog is Now Self-Hosted

SEO Denver Switching Servers

After a year of hosting the SEODenver.com website on WordPress.com servers, it’s time to finally move on.

WordPress hosting was a good way to get the SEO Denver Blog up quicky and without much forethought…but WordPress.com hosting was always temporary, and finally, the site has moved! Continue reading “The SEO Denver Blog is Now Self-Hosted”