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{Gravity Forms Shortcode Explained|Gravity Forms Shortcode – A Detailed Explanation}

I know about Gravity Forms…but what are shortcodes? Think of shortcodes as a placeholder for where other content will be displayed: instead of “Insert a Gravity Forms form here,” we use the `gravityform` shortcode.┬áLearn more about shortcodes on The Gravity Forms `shortcode` has five pieces: “ `id` (required) – The ID of the form, […]

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WordPress Digg Shortcode Function – As Seen on

When moving from, my Digg shortcodes broke. I wanted a simple way to transition my Digg chicklets to a installation. I created a function that does nothing special, except for reproducing the Digg shortcode functionality on All you need to do is enter [digg=], and it will create a Digg This chicklet […]