Un-Ban Yourself from WHMCS Administration

Is your IP banned from your own WHMCS?

Who can remember all their passwords all the time? I have a password manager, and I still don’t get it right.  I use the WHMCS software to manage client hosting and such, and so sometimes I get locked out of my own system because I’ve tried too many times to log in!

Here’s how to un-ban yourself:

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The SEO Denver Blog is Now Self-Hosted

SEO Denver Switching Servers

After a year of hosting the SEODenver.com website on WordPress.com servers, it’s time to finally move on.

WordPress hosting was a good way to get the SEO Denver Blog up quicky and without much forethought…but WordPress.com hosting was always temporary, and finally, the site has moved! Continue reading “The SEO Denver Blog is Now Self-Hosted”

Denver web hosting — we're making the switch to reselling


A win-win solution: we’ll resell great hosting, you’ll pay less

Katz Web Design will resell hosting to our clients for a discounted price; $2.99 rather than $4.99, for example. The great part? Our clients will pay less for better services, and we get a monthly payment, rather than a one-time commission. Win-win.

There are many web professionals that resell hosting and charge them the “going rate.”  KWD is reselling hosting for good — not for evil! Our clients are going get a great deal on web hosting — a cheaper package with more features than any other host I would normally refer them to.

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