Getting closer on my own website design

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A little sneak peek of my new web design

“You need to finish your web site

My website has been in a transitional state for almost a year. Thankfully, in spite of that, Katz Web Design has been thriving. I’ve been so busy that I’ve not had reasonable time to focus on my business’ site.

I met with a client last week who said “Zack, are you a person who takes constructive criticism well?”  I thought ‘I hope so in this business!,’ and told her that I was.  She said “I had a hard time trusting you, since your website isn’t up — even though you’re a strong referral from Dana. Now that we’ve met, I’m completely comfortable. You really need to finish your website.” 

I’ve finally landed on the design.

After months of playing with white-on-black designs that were more in line with what I think is cool, rather than what my audience wants to see. I’ve scrapped tons of designs, and finally realized that simplicity and light design is key.

I’ve started working on creating the site, and it’s moving along quickly.  I’ve landed on a June 6 launch date. Until then, I updated the KWD site with testimonials and recent projects.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

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