Recent Projects & Lessons Learned

There’s been a lull here on the website. That doesn’t mean I’ve been standing still.¬†What have I been up to? I’m going to tell you a bit about these projects and something I’ve learned from each of them.

Plugins WordPress

Shopify Importer – Import Shopify Products into WordPress

Download the plugin from Shopify is a great hosted eCommerce provider. WordPress is the best blogging platform. I first learned about Shopify in 2007, and was very interested in their service: they take care of every aspect of an eCommerce shop, and you pay them monthly plus a little cut of your sales. Themes: […]

Web Development

Standards-Compliant Shopping Cart with XHTML & CSS!

I’ve been looking for a shopping cart like this for a long time One of my clients is looking to move from osCommerce to a more user-friendly solution, and I really want to use a shopping cart that is XHTML and standards-compliant…Something that validates and looks pretty with stylesheets off, has a full feature set, […]