Bradycardia & Cardiac Arrest for WordPress 3.6

WordPress Heartbeat

Bradycardia is the resting heart rate of under 60 beats per minute…. Wikipedia A new feature in WordPress 3.6 is an upgrade to the autosave functionality that’s been around for years. It’s called “Heartbeat” and it makes sure you have valid authentication credentials, aren’t working on the same post as other people, and more. The problem […]

Generate a Link to Activate a Plugin in WordPress

Here’s another specialized plugin development tip! If you want to create a link to activate a plugin, you need to know the path of the plugin file. Let’s use Akismet for this example. $path = ‘akismet/akismet.php'; $link = wp_nonce_url(admin_url(‘plugins.php?action=activate&plugin=’.$path), ‘activate-plugin_’.$path); The `$link` URL will be something like

Passing parameters from PHP to Javascripts in plugins » Otto on WordPress

Much cleaner. One static and unchanging JS file to cache. Parameters get put into your HTML itself as a one-liner. You can deal with the parameters using a normal PHP array before passing them over. No need to screw around with generating Javascript from PHP or looking for wp-load or even messing with tricky actions. […]