Bradycardia & Cardiac Arrest for WordPress 3.6

WordPress Heartbeat

Bradycardia is the resting heart rate of under 60 beats per minute…. Wikipedia A new feature in WordPress 3.6 is an upgrade to the autosave functionality that’s been around for years. It’s called “Heartbeat” and it makes sure you have valid authentication credentials, aren’t working on the same post as other people, and more. The problem […]

Merge Settings Into an Array in WordPress

Arrays Merging

I found people are coming to this site (to an unrelated article) looking for a way to merge settings into an array. You’re looking for `wp_parse_args()` The main function for WordPress to do this is `wp_parse_args()`. You likely want this function. Learn more about `wp_parse_args()` Also consider `shortcode_atts()` This is used for parsing shortcode options. […]

Simple Way to Get Plugin Status in WordPress

Active plugin volcano.

I have previously written on how to determine if a widget is active. This is helpful for widgets, but not for plugins. WordPress has a couple of different functions that help you determine plugin status. They are both located in wp-includes/plugin.php `validate_plugin()` spits out an error if the plugin file does not  exist or has […]

Auto-Optimize WordPress Database without a Plugin


These horses are somehow not cool. Speeding up your blog is. I am working on a WordPress project that has a pretty heavy database, and I want to be able to auto-optimize the WordPress database. Even though they are integrating this functionality into WordPress 3.0, I want it now, and without having to use a […]

Add Custom Titles for Tags and Categories in WordPress

Merge two WordPress SEO plugins for the best SEO value

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin? A combination of two. All in One SEO Pack (AIOSEO) is the leader in WordPress SEO plugins. It offers great functionality and simple integration into the process of writing a post. AIOSEO is not a perfect plugin, however, because it lacks some very important functionality: Custom category title tags Custom tag […]

Save Coding Time by Creating Special-Case Categories in WordPress

Sorting Fruit as WordPress Categories

When you would use excluded categories: When using WordPress as more of a content management system (CMS) than a blogging platform, there are many things that you need control over. One of them is special-case categories. Frequently asked questions Testimonials Case studies Press releases When you have a category of posts that you don’t want […]

Get Adjacent Images – More WordPress Functions

Get the adjacent photo, man.

WordPress, just get the adjacent image links. I’ll tell you what to do with them! WordPress is normally great about providing functions that have a return and an echo version.  In WordPress, if a function has the prefix get_, then it does not echo (print it into the content), but rather returns the result so […]