Google SEO

Google Rewrites Your Search Result Titles for Relevance

Google is changing your titles for you…whether they’re “optimized” or not! Google is overruling your title tags when they determine that your content headlines are more relevant. Previously, I had only seen this behavior when there were not well-structured title tags, keyword-stuffed title tags or no title tags at all. This has been well documented […]

SEO WordPress

Add Custom Titles for Tags and Categories in WordPress

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin? A combination of two. All in One SEO Pack (AIOSEO) is the leader in WordPress SEO plugins. It offers great functionality and simple integration into the process of writing a post.¬†AIOSEO is not a perfect plugin, however, because it lacks some very important functionality: Custom category title tags Custom tag […]


How Not to Optimize Your Search Results Page Title – Should Know Better

A comparison in travel sites search results page titles Wow, Priceline…who did you hire for SEO? I was shopping around for a good price on a hotel in Aspen when William Shatner’s “Falcoln of Truth” showed me how not to write page titles. Check out Priceline‘s horrific search results page title: – hotel, hotel […]