How to Add Support for Display Advertising Code in Google Analytics for WordPress

It’s really simple to use Google’s Display Advertising code, so I thought I’d share how. To enable the new GA features: Check the “Show Advanced Settings” Under “Advanced Settings,” check the checkbox for “Host ga.js locally:” In the text field that appears, enter: // Note: The missing http and https is intentional – if your […]

Get URL for Searches in Safari 6


There have been many articles and conversations about the question of how to get the URL of a Google search in Safari 6. Some solutions include using the Terminal to get the URL, using AppleScript,  using bookmarklets, and using Automator. I created a Safari Extension to make this process easier. Get URL: Easily get the URL […]

The Google +1 Sprite Animation


How the +1 Button Works The +1 Button uses an advanced sprite technique to simulate an animated `gif`. The animation occurs when hovering over search results with +1 enabled, and the shine moves across the button. (The image to the right is an animated `gif` I made…) The +1 Button is not an animated `gif`, […]

Google Rewrites Your Search Result Titles for Relevance

Google Editing Snipped Titles

Google is changing your titles for you…whether they’re “optimized” or not! Google is overruling your title tags when they determine that your content headlines are more relevant. Previously, I had only seen this behavior when there were not well-structured title tags, keyword-stuffed title tags or no title tags at all. This has been well documented […]

Fixing the Interspire Google Base Feed

Google loves when we feed it products.

Google Base updates their guidelines faster than Interspire updates its Shopping Cart. Upon launching the new website, I discovered that the XML feed that Interspire generates for Google Base is not properly structured. There were many hits and misses before making the modifications necessary to get the feed approved. Fixing the generated feed Below […]

Google Place Pages – Google Finally Shows its Answer to

Yelp Eats!...Google Place Pages

Google finally goes “local directory” in Place Pages Google had been lagging behind sites like in providing a place to find information about businesses. If you did a local search, you would have a “More info…” link that would expand your search result inside the map and have tabs that were badly organized. Not […]

Google Chrome Frame Plugin for WordPress

Google Chrome Frame — the Beginning of the End of IE Tyranny? Google just introduced a new tactic in the browser wars, and this one’s juicy. It’s called Google Chrome Frame. What it does is it makes Internet Explorer render websites using Google Chrome in a frame. That means that IE can have HTML 5 […]

SEO Google Profiles – Google Adds NoFollow to Links

Zack Katz Google Profile

Just a quick post to show that Google has started to nofollow all links on new Google Profiles.  This is too bad for a quick SEO shot in the arm, but also makes sense, since most of the people who knew about Google Profiles were SEO’s anyway Here’s my do-follow Google profile: Zachary Katz – Google […]

How to Create a Google Profile and Manage your Online Reputation

As seen on 7News – View the video on Why Google Profiles matter to you Receive monthly tips like this one on how to get online exposure Receive monthly emailed tips As featured on the May 20th 7News program featuring Zack Katz of Katz Web Design, Google Profiles are a great way to be […]

New Google search results — OneBox is upgraded


Google’s OneBox results getting smarter Recently, Google seems to have updated their algorithm for when they show the mapped results (or, “OneBox”). It used to be that the OneBox would show up when viewing 10 results at a time for many most local searches. Now, the OneBox only shows up when viewing locally relevant industries or […]