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Fixing the Interspire Google Base Feed

Google Base updates their guidelines faster than Interspire updates its Shopping Cart.

Google loves when we feed it products.Upon launching the new website, I discovered that the XML feed that Interspire generates for Google Base is not properly structured. There were many hits and misses before making the modifications necessary to get the feed approved.

Fixing the generated feed

Below are fixes to three issues that kept throwing errors on the Google Base side.

On months with more than 30 days, it causes an error.

Google requires the <g:expiration_date> field to be fewer than 30 days in the future. Interspire’s PHP code generates a date one month in the future. Months can be longer than 30 days, thus a problem occurs.

The fix:
In /store-root/admin/includes/classes/class.froogle.php, around line 87, find:
$expirationDate = isc_date("Y-m-d", strtotime('+1 month'));

Replace with:
$expirationDate = isc_date("Y-m-d", strtotime('+29 days'));

Google only accepts unique products with descriptions.

Interspire’s Google Base feed creates duplicates of the same product. Also, it exports all products, not just products with descriptions. Google requires product descriptions, and will disapprove a feed because of this.

The fix:
In /store-root/admin/includes/classes/class.froogle.php, around line 72, find:


Add below it:

	AND p.proddesc != ''
	GROUP BY p.productid

This will only retrieve products with a description and will not show the same product twice.

That should do it.

Let me know if you are still encountering issues with your Interspire feed.

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By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

12 replies on “Fixing the Interspire Google Base Feed”

Thank you for this posting. I had a support ticket in with Interspire for a couple of days for the expiration issue and was just going to open one for the duplicate products showing up. While it might be easier if Interspire fixes this, it is quicker if I do.

Thanks for the tip!

By the way, if a product is listed in multiple categories, will this solution only add the first category as ?

Hi Zack. There is something i have been trying to sole myself but all i managed to do is mess things up.

If i have a product named “product-one”, ISC will generate the following URL: /product%25done.html
I’ve modified the code in /lib/general.php so that “-” is no longer converted to “%25d” and the URL is now generated correctly. The only problem is that the page /product-one.html returns a 404 not found error. Any ideea on how to fix this?

/product-one.html looks much better than /product%25done.html , don’t you think?

I spent a considerable amount of time trying to complete a modification that would fix that ugly URL issue — one of the biggest problems with Interspire overall, I think — but it required SERIOUS modifications to the software, beyond just a few functions. It’s not a quick fix, unfortunately. I just counted on them fixing it in future releases.

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