Google Interspire

Fixing the Interspire Google Base Feed

Google Base updates their guidelines faster than Interspire updates its Shopping Cart. Upon launching the new website, I discovered that the XML feed that Interspire generates for Google Base is not properly structured. There were many hits and misses before making the modifications necessary to get the feed approved. Fixing the generated feed Below […]

Code Shopp

Add a Store Catalog XML Sitemap to the Shopp Plugin

The Shopp default RSS/XML/Google Base solution was not enough. I needed to have a Google Base feed that featured all the store products. For some reason, the recommended process wasn’t working for me. It was either showing only recent products, or it wasn’t working at all.  Here’s how I fixed it:

Tutorial WordPress

How to Create a Custom RSS Feed in WordPress in 12 Lines of Code

Custom RSS feed me, Seymour Recently I wanted to create a feed for Google base that used a bunch of custom fields that I had created. It wasn’t easy to find what I was looking for online, so I thought I’d show how simple it is to make a custom feed & feed template in WordPress.