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How to Add Support for Display Advertising Code in Google Analytics for WordPress

It’s really simple to use Google’s Display Advertising code, so I thought I’d share how. To enable the new GA features: Check the “Show Advanced Settings” Under “Advanced Settings,” check the checkbox for “Host ga.js locally:” In the text field that appears, enter: // Note: The missing http and https is intentional – if your […]


Add Custom Taxonomy Title Tags Support to All-In-One SEO Pack

Get control over your custom taxonomy’s Title Tag With Yoast’s Simple Taxonomies plugin, you can set up a custom categorization system for posts on your site known as a custom taxonomy. When trying to optimize these pages, I realized that the All in One SEO Pack plugin doesn’t have support for custom taxonomies, so it […]

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Simple Taxonomies Formatting — Improve the Plugin's Code Output

I’ve been using Joost de Valk’s Simple Taxonomies plugin for a couple of projects, and I’ve been very disappointed by the formatting of the terms output code. When configuring the plugin, you have the option of choosing “Add terms to the end of posts” or “Add terms to the end of excerpts.” If you do, […]