Google Chrome Frame Plugin for WordPress

Google Chrome Frame — the Beginning of the End of IE Tyranny?

Google just introduced a new tactic in the browser wars, and this one’s juicy. It’s called Google Chrome Frame.

What it does is it makes Internet Explorer render websites using Google Chrome in a frame. That means that IE can have HTML 5 compatibility and all the other WebKit goodness. The catch? Google Chrome Frame will only activate if webmasters ask it to by adding a meta tag. So I created a plugin that does just that.

Download the Google Chrome Frame Plugin from

Hopefully, GCF will start to shift users from rendering sites in IE 6/7/8 to Google Chrome. Continue reading “Google Chrome Frame Plugin for WordPress”

jQuery validator annoyances

Null or Not an Object my ASS!

For all of you that use jQuery and use the Validator plugin, you may have been getting this error in Internet Explorer 6:

jQuery.Validator is null or not an object

This code will break any jQuery below your validation code, and will thoroughly piss you off.

The fix is simple: use the minified version (jquery.validate.min.js) javascript file, instead of the packed version (jquery.validate.pack.js).