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A Sweet Javascript Slideshow Script

Developers: reveal.js is a great standards-compliant slideshow script. It looks great and is an awesome alternative to Flash-based or image-based slideshows. reveal.js

CSS Google

The Google +1 Sprite Animation

How the +1 Button Works The +1 Button uses an advanced sprite technique to simulate an animated `gif`. The animation occurs when hovering over search results with +1 enabled, and the shine moves across the button. (The image to the right is an animated `gif` I made…) The +1 Button is not an animated `gif`, […]

QuickTip WordPress

Passing parameters from PHP to Javascripts in plugins » Otto on WordPress

Much cleaner. One static and unchanging JS file to cache. Parameters get put into your HTML itself as a one-liner. You can deal with the parameters using a normal PHP array before passing them over. No need to screw around with generating Javascript from PHP or looking for wp-load or even messing with tricky actions. […]


jQuery validator annoyances

For all of you that use jQuery and use the Validator plugin, you may have been getting this error in Internet Explorer 6: jQuery.Validator is null or not an object This code will break any jQuery below your validation code, and will thoroughly piss you off. The fix is simple: use the minified version (jquery.validate.min.js) javascript […]

Code jQuery

Simple Vertical Align Plugin for jQuery

Sometimes you may want to vertically align a block item, but the CSS-only vertical aligning methods don’t make you feel clean.  Personally, I hate having to style items as a table/table cell to get them to vertically align in Internet Explorer. jQuery to the rescue.  Using a jQuery vertical align snippet as my base code, I modified it […]


Disable Styles and Javascript in Safari with Keyboard Shortcuts – How To

Now Safari’s just as cool as Firefox If you’re a web developer on the Mac, you may be sick of everyone talking about Firefox Addons that do everything but wipe your ass. True, Firefox is a great browser that is very expandable, but I love Safari, and I want to do as much web development […]