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Enable PDF Uploads in CubeCart 4

The CubeCart file and image uploader in the product editor only allows for a small set of file types: jpg, gif, jpeg, png, swf, fla, jpg, gif, jpeg, png, avi, mpg, and mpeg. If you want to upload a PDF in CubeCart, you will have to manually FTP it into the uploads folder, and even […]


How to turn off captions in WordPress 2.6

Turn off da captions, turn off da funk! I’ve found that many who found my previous article about removing caption from the All In One SEO PackĀ are interested in disabling the WordPress 2.6 captions altogether. This is very simple to do. Futureproof way to disable captions From Otto: Add this to your theme’s functions.php file: […]


Disable Styles and Javascript in Safari with Keyboard Shortcuts – How To

Now Safari’s just as cool as Firefox If you’re a web developer on the Mac, you may be sick of everyone talking about Firefox Addons that do everything but wipe your ass. True, Firefox is a great browser that is very expandable, but I love Safari, and I want to do as much web development […]