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UserVoice Gadget API

I wanted to learn what data is sent by the UserVoice Inspector Gadgets (I do appreciate the name 😉), but there was no information I could find online. Here’s some basic information about the HTTP request that is made by the Gadget.

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"What If I Die?" What This Mortal Tells His Clients

If I were to die… I use a password management application and have instructed my wife how to use it. This application holds all passwords related to my business, protected by a master password only she and I know. My wife has a 50% stake in Katz Web Services, Inc. and will legally be able […]

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Mountain America Jerky Redesign Launched

Mountain America Jerky Redesign I’m happy to announce that today the new Mountain America Jerky website launched. Check out the site and try some of their crazy-good Garlic Black Pepper Beef Jerky. One perk of working with a nice client who sells beef jerky is getting samples of the product! Seriously, though, it’s the best […]

Web Design Portfolio Web Development Launched

An updated website for a Denver career coach CAREERMagic came to Katz Web Design to give their website some fresh blood. When was last updated, I was in high school.  Yes, it’s true — and I said it. The website not only needed updating visually, but there were a lot of parts of the […]


Disable Styles and Javascript in Safari with Keyboard Shortcuts – How To

Now Safari’s just as cool as Firefox If you’re a web developer on the Mac, you may be sick of everyone talking about Firefox Addons that do everything but wipe your ass. True, Firefox is a great browser that is very expandable, but I love Safari, and I want to do as much web development […]