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New Google search results — OneBox is upgraded

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Google’s OneBox results getting smarter

Recently, Google seems to have updated their algorithm for when they show the mapped results (or, “OneBox”). It used to be that the OneBox would show up when viewing 10 results at a time for many most local searches. Now, the OneBox only shows up when viewing locally relevant industries or when a certain number of results are displayed at once.

OneBox Search results are still immediately relevant for many industries

Here are some industries google still shows the mapped results on the front page with 10 results showing at a time.

OneBox results: SEO

For the SEO industry, it seems Google finds map results less relevant. While doing a search for Denver SEO — the OneBox only shows up with 40 or more results:

OneBox results: Web Design

For web design search, Google recognizes that location matters even less: they don’t show the mapped results until you show 100 results.

OneBox results: Web Development

For web development search, Google believes location matters.

Further complexity

When doing a search for New York City SEO and New York City web design, the OneBox shows up! Is it because I am doing a search from a different location? Or is it that, even if I were in New York City, the OneBox would be displayed.

What about your industry or locality?

What are you noticing about when the OneBox appears or does not? Leave a comment with your experience.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the creator of GravityView and the President of Katz Web Services. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife and cute beast of a cat.

5 replies on “New Google search results — OneBox is upgraded”

The OneBox also shows up for Denver website design at 10 results. I’m also wondering if the volume of search plays a role. There would be more people searching for terms with New York (I would expect) so could it just be based on number of searches?

True – hadn’t thought of volume. But I tried the search for Los Angeles web design/SEO and no OneBox. I would think LA would have almost the same traffic as NYC.

I found this out the hard way – I was getting a ton of calls and then they stopped when the box for the search term disappeared. Recently, they put it back up. Just goes to show that your SEO and offline marketing really are important!

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