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SEO Google Profiles – Google Adds NoFollow to Links

Just a quick post to show that Google has started to nofollow all links on new Google Profiles.  This is too bad for a quick SEO shot in the arm, but also makes sense, since most of the people who knew about Google Profiles were SEO’s anyway 🙂

Oh well, on to greener pastures!

As an user on BlogCatalog notes,

The links on your Google profile will be nofollow, but the links on your Google Reader shared items page (as of the time I write this) are NOT nofollow.

Linking to your profile on your site or blog is a great idea, but linking to your shared items page is an even better one.

Update: Google Profiles are Back to Do-Follow

Over the weekend I created a brand-new profile for my wife, and noticed that the profile for John Sileo that I had previously mentioned is now “dofollow,” as is the brand-new profile for my wife.

Use it, don’t abuse it!

It’s good that Google’s reversed their policy on this, because Google Profiles are a natural thing to optimize and promote. They are a great tool for linking to other properties, and you should create your own. Just don’t go too crazy, or Google might pull the follow plug again.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

12 replies on “SEO Google Profiles – Google Adds NoFollow to Links”

mmm, so, you mean that any new profile, from now on, will always be nofollow, but the old ones will remain dofollow?

No experience. I have just tried to open a new profile and it was nofollow. I just could not understand why other profiles were dofollow. Your theory would explain that. Even if I find it unfair.
Don’t you think it could just be a matter of time and quality of the opened profile before new ones become dofollow? Maybe Google is just trying to do what everyone online has to do: avoid spammers!

Yeah, this is a bummer for sure. I just finished creating a new account and profile only to notice the bad news once I was all finished. Oh well, it’s a good thing that I have a few of the “aged” accounts still in reserve )

Hey, my experience is that Google slaps a nofollow on when you create the profile but then makes them dofollow about 4-6 weeks later….
so maybe there is some kind of review process…
all my best

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