Doing the legwork — No SEO guts, no SEO glory

SEO and continuing education

It’s easy to know SEO concepts. It’s another thing to put them into good use and do the work involved in optimizing a site.

 Yesterday, I was at a barnes and noble and saw the book SEO Bible. I flipped through the pages and I knew everything I saw. But if “Joe the SEO” reads the book, so will they. Knowing what everyone knows is not a competitive advantage.

A SEO must know more than what is printed in a year-old book. The book doesn’t talk about Google Search Wiki, or know about the new FriendConnect API, and even those technologies are yesterday’s news. Reading a book is just an introduction. SEO takes continuous training. Continue reading “Doing the legwork — No SEO guts, no SEO glory”

SEO Randomizer: Save the Value of Your SEO'd Links

Search engines attribution link value is falling for SEOs and web designers.

Update: Now use the SEO WordSpinner plugin to implement this concept.
Use the get_seo_spin() PHP function in your theme’s footer.php file.

Footer links are dropping in SEO value

How to stay relevant while getting great links

As a web designer and SEO, I place links in the footers of most of my designs. Clients don’t mind (I always request the link), and it’s a high-quality link. Most small web design and SEO companies do.  Footer links have become very spammy, however, and sites try to stuff as many links there as possible.

SEOmoz has an article about footer link optimization and claims that

Footer links may be devalued by search engines automatically
Check out the evidence – Yahoo! says they may devalue footer links, Bill Slawski uncovers patents suggesting the same and anecdotal evidence suggests Google might do this (or go further) as well. Needless to say, if you want to make sure your links are passing maximum value, it’s wise to avoid the footer (particularly the footer class itself).

The era of the PageRank-passing footer links are coming to an end. The search engines have a good reason for devaluing the links — but how can we get the juice back?

Let’s consider the following issues:

Denver SEO informative website launched:

Denver SEO Website,, Screenshot
I am pleased to introduce, a web page that goes over the basics of search engine optimization: what is SEO, how can you do SEO yourself, and Denver-specific SEO.  Many of Katz Web Design‘s clients are unclear as to what search engine optimization is, so I hope this page gets them started with their own optimization.

The web page was constructed using Google Pages, which was very simple to set up, but unfortunately, they don’t allow you to point your domain there properly, so I’ve hosted it on the KWD server.

Because this domain is a .info, it’s very informative (with little self-promotion), and I hope that users will find it to be helpful.  Leave feedback below!

Denver Performance-Based SEO plans

Lights shine on a performance

Only pay for great optimization results

One of Katz Web Design’s Denver web design clients wanted an option for performance-based SEO (Search Engine Optimization), rather than a monthly set price, so I created a package.

Here’s the gist of our SEO package:

  • Pay only $5.00 an hour for optimization
  • Targeted keywords are given a value based mainly on the competition’s SEO strength (content optimization, inbound links, age of site, etc.)
  • Monthly payment per keyword are based on SEO click-through statistics  (eg: the #1 result gets 42% of all clicks) and SEO difficulty
  • Minimum 3 month contract, or by the month with a 15% premium

Continue reading “Denver Performance-Based SEO plans”

Duplicate Content over Multiple Domains – SEO Issues?

Duplicate Content

I recently purchased some domains for SEO, and I wanted to do some research about best practices for using multiple domains on the same content.

The good news?  Google does not punish duplicate content; they just sort it out themselves. Continue reading “Duplicate Content over Multiple Domains – SEO Issues?”

Domain Buying for Denver SEO

Image by annaOMline

Gettin’ Me Some Domains for Search Engine Optimization

Since Katz Web Design is going to be more active in Denver search engine optimization, I finally registered some domain names that I’ve been eyeing. Since domains are important for S.E.O. and KWD doesn’t have any SEO domain names, it was a ripe time to buy.


  • denverseocompany (.com and .net)
  • denverseo (.info)
  • seodenver (.biz and .info)

Want to sell

There are also a few domains I’d like to sell, since I didn’t end up using them; I was the president of a chapter of Colorado Business Leads for a while, and I had planned to make a member directory website as an added benefit, but (no surprise) I was too busy.

If anyone’s interested in these domains, make an offer.

3 Simple Steps to keyword order SEO – Are your words SEO friendly?

Out of Order
Much search engine optimization revolves around guessing how users will search to find your site. When you’re optimizing for organic (non-paid) search results, you may be surprised to find out how much word order impacts the search ranking.

Optimize your website for organic search with varying keyword order

If you search the major search engines, you will find that the order of your keywords makes a huge difference on where your website ranks. Continue reading “3 Simple Steps to keyword order SEO – Are your words SEO friendly?”

Denver SEO for colon cleansing…a "sweet" surprise!

New Choices Plus

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that one of my first clients in Lakewood, Colorado is now ranked top 5 for their primary keyword/key phrases:

SEO results for New Choices Plus

At the time of writing this article, here is their ranking in Google:

  • Denver lavage: 3
  • Denver colon hydrotherapy: 1
  • Denver colon cleanse: 4
  • Denver colon: 3

It’s pretty cool that even before I was “doing SEO” that KWD websites perform well in search.  It got me to thinking of some pretty fun domain names! 🙂

Warning: SEO companies charge too much and take too long

A man called yesterday wanting to have his Denver IT Services website optimized.  He had called multiple search engine optimization specialists in Denver, and each one had given him the same proposal: spend thousands of dollars per month, and take a long time.

Check out what the SEO companies said

He had been told the following by multiple companies:

In order to get your website ranked well, it will take 6 months to a year, and will cost $1,000.00 per month.

– Random Denver SEO companies

That means he will have paid $6,000 to $12,000 to have his site ranked well in search engines. I was taken aback; spending that much money each month on SEO is ridiculous for many reasons, but here are a few: Continue reading “Warning: SEO companies charge too much and take too long”

Denver SEO: Achieving Goals – a slow trek toward good search engine ranking

Climb search ranking with persistence!

I am a Denver web designer, and lots of what I do is advise my clients on how to improve their ranking. I do what I can to optimize the code using tried and true SEO techniques. But in the end, it comes down to this: are you willing to work for search engine placement?

2 months later, a look at the results

On January 24 of this year, I set a goal to improve Katz Web Design’s ranking in Google, especially for the terms “Denver Web Design,” and “Denver Web Designers.” I had my blog for 2 days at the time. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • Denver Web Designers – from 41 to 18 11
  • Denver Web Designer – from 29 to 11 2
  • Denver Web Design – from 30 to 11 8

These results have been achieved mostly by writing in this blog. The Katz Web Design site is currently a one-page placeholder with very little content on it. Imagine what will happen when I move this blog over to the KWD site soon.

Good Denver SEO Results

Note: Katz Web Services is moving more toward focusing on Denver search engine optimization, rather than solely Denver web design.

How blogging helps your search ranking

 Ignite Matchmaking SEO Ranking Chart

Why blogging helps your rank 

  1. The more you write about relevant content that is interesting, informative, and helpful, the more people will link to your blog.
  2. Consistently updating your website shows search engines that your site is active.
  3. Using keywords in your posts on a regular basis adds rich content to your site that a static page would not have.

Setting SEO goals you want to achieve 

When you are doing search engine optimization, it helps to have a goal.  For instance: my goal is to get to the #1 spot for “Denver Web Designers”,  “Denver Web Design.”, and “Colorado Web Design”

Analyze your competition 

The top two or three sites for my preferred key phrases have been ranked there for years.  One way to catch up is to analyze why they’re ranked well.  Today, I will look at external links.A simple way to see how many external links your site has is by searching Google for 

  • External links — Right now, KWD has only 13 external links counted by Google.
    • has 93 external links  
    • has 53 external links
    • has 75 external links

It’s important to note that I have nothing against these companies, and you should never take things personal online.  They’re at the top because they’ve worked hard to get there.  I look forward to meeting the people behind these companies. There is plenty of web business to be had out there, especially in Denver, so although we are competitors in the search engines, I see all web designers as colleagues.