Using Tweets to post more regularly

I think the pendulum of social media may have swung for me back to self-publishing. I hope so; I make my living on WordPress, and I love WordPress. I want to control my own content and don’t want to lose the timeline of my thoughts.

Perhaps the domain name being associated with my business adds just enough pressure to prevent me from posting. I did just buy, so maybe I’ll start a personal blog there.

I need to practice writing more often. Content is the biggest missing piece of the GravityView business.

So now, I’m creating draft posts from Tweets (when they’re not replies). That’ll give me plenty of momentum to continue writing on the website.

(And yes, I’m sure there’s a plugin for this. For now, this is better than nothing.)

Gwen Ifill

Gwenn Ifill

I did not know Gwen was sick. I didn’t know she had cancer. On Monday, she died.

I respected her and found comfort in her presence. I trusted Gwen to tell me the truth, to find humanity in any situation, to always reflect appropriate levels of concern.

I trusted Gwen Ifill completely. Not because she was on TV, but because she did not hide who she was: she broadcasted it. She was a complete person who was honorable and eminently professional.

Multiple times every week, before dinner, my wife Juniper and I watch the PBS NewsHour. We enjoyed saying hello to Gwen and Judy—out loud!—from our couch. We often would comment to each other that “Gwen and Judy are the best at what they do” and “there is no one else like them.” Then, turning back to the news, Juniper and I would watch Gwen professionally deliver the events of the day with heart and enthusiasm.

Now that she’s gone, I know that Gwen was my role model. She displayed strength, dignity, and professionalism, as well as strong steady passion for her work, kindness, and playfulness.

Thank you, Gwen, for being you. (With Comments)

I love, and I also love Daring Fireball with Comments (with Comments)…so I created (with Comments)!

Install the extension for Safari or Chrome and you’ll have Disqus-based comments on!

To help keep the conversation civil, rude words lead to moderated comments.  I look forward to our discussions.

– Zack Katz (with Comments) Safari Extension (with Comments) Chrome Extension

Contact Form 7 Modules – A Plugin

Check out our Contact Form 7 Newsletter Plugin

Easily add Contact Form 7 form submissions to a newsletter list!  Check it out today.

Download the Contact Form 7 Modules plugin from

Add hidden fields to Contact Form 7

I love the Contact Form 7 plugin, and use it for many of my projects…but one thing it misses is the ability to add hidden fields. The Contact Form 7 Modules plugin adds hidden fields to Contact Form 7 in a way that will not break in future upgrades. It’s simple: install the plugin, then edit your form!

Add Every Form Field to Emails At Once

Contact Form 7 makes you copy and paste each of your form’s fields into the email message. This can take a while, and means that if you add a field in the future but forget to put it in your email, you won’t get sent that piece of information.

Now, with the All Fields Module (included in Contact Form 7 Modules plugin), you only need to add one tag to receive every submitted field: `[all-fields]`

Colorado Holiday Party!

I am thrilled: my wife just informed me that Colorado Open Lands‘ holiday party is being held at the most delicious and prestigious restaurant around: The Fort in Morrison, Colorado.  That’s great news because The Fort is the best restaurant I’ve ever been to…and it’s priced accordingly!

A quick plug as well: one of my clients, Savory Cuisines Catering, is currently booking slots for holiday party catering in Boulder. If you need a caterer in Boulder that truly delivers, get in touch with Bob Sargent and let Savory Cuisines take care of everything.

Back at the office

My home's backyard
My wife and I are now back from our 1 week vacation.  We stayed at home, and were able to:

  • Paint!
    • The living room
    • My office
    • The kitchen
  • Buy!
    • A corner TV stand
    • A SolaTube (which has made our living room 300% more pleasant)
    • A new desk for my office
    • Gallons of paint (see “Paint!” above 🙂 )
  • Plumb
    • Our secondary sewer line collapsed. Ouch.

So, as you can see, it was quite the vacation.  It’s good to be back doing web design!

Making technology that is more human

There’s a problem with technology: it’s not human.  Technology often can’t express when there are problems, especially when it doesn’t know problems exist. There’s a gap between the consumer and the product that can often only be bridged by a middle-man repair shop.

Creating products that communicate their problems effectively is one of the next major steps in user-friendliness.

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How I got my domain name back from cyber squatters was Zack Katz's music website
I was given the domain for my 17th birthday by my mom. It turns out, it was a good gift 🙂 I used it as a blog, music promotional area, and art gallery. I owned the domain (and let it stagnate) until around 2006, when I wanted to switch hosts. I waited for my domain to expire so that I could transfer it to another host (I was lazy!).  Well, it was registered out from under me, and I lost my domain.

The following is a brief summary of how I got my domain back: Continue reading “How I got my domain name back from cyber squatters”

Google is crazy and amazing: Completed Street View of Denver

I went to Google Maps today, and I found that Google has updated its Street View functionality to include almost ALL of Denver and the suburbs, including Boulder. This is a CRAZY amount of information.  It’s a truly boggling accomplishment.  I’m kind of shocked.Check out Street View yourself.

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Finally, a music website that knows how people think

I was browsing using StumbleUpon, and I came across a brilliant website: it lets you play music according to a grid : energetic/calm and positive/dark and so many different ways.  It’s really hard to explain, but you just need to check it out yourself!