How to Hide or Replace the WordPress Welcome Panel

Welcome Panel

Updated: now with more in-depth code! So you want to modify the WordPress Dashboard Welcome Screen There was a thread on the WPMU website that discusses how to disable the WordPress welcome screen, but the code provided didn’t work, so I figured I’d show how to do it! The `wp_welcome_panel()` function uses the `show_welcome_panel` user […]

Hierarchical Link Categories for WordPress

Spices need categories too!

If you’ve ever tried to use WordPress’ built-in bookmarks / links manager, you know that its limits can be frustrating. One of the biggest issues I’ve encountered is that the link categories are not hierarchical. Let’s say you have a tech blog and you link to a lot of pages about TV’s. You may want […]

Denver Real Estate Gets a New Player – Who is Working for Buyers Only


Denver’s Top-Ranked SEO is now your Denver real estate advocate If I were a Denver real estate webmaster, I’d be concerned. Knox Richards of is a leading SEO in Denver, and has been #1 in Denver SEO for years. Knox knows how to create powerful partnerships and work with others to achieve anything. So when […]

What Lessons the DNC Taught Denver Businesses


Convention’s tourism bump slight For a few tourist attractions inside Denver, the convention actually hurt business….Not knowing what to expect, some restaurants stocked up on food, extended hours or added staff, only to be disappointed…. The Denver Post – 1, 2 DNC spending bonanza stays downtown The DNC spending spree apparently didn’t ripple far beyond […]

Landing page design — Activating emotions generates leads


Adding value to your landing page Landing page design is focused on having a user perform an action. Every piece of content should revolve around why and how a user should perform that action. Landing pages don’t need to be dull or static, however. I’m going to talk about a simple way I spruced up […]