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Google Instant Scraper – The Best Tool for Google Instant SEO

Optimize your site, find niche keywords

Introducing: Google Instant Scraper, a powerful free tool for niche marketing and keyword research. Find high-traffic, relevant long-tail keywords in seconds.

How the Google Instant Scraper works:

  1. Enter a “seed” keyword (or multiple keywords separated by commas) and choose how many levels deep you would like to scrape;
  2. The Scraper gets results from Google Instant for that keyword. These are level 1 keywords.
  3. For each level 1 keyword, the Scraper gathers results from step #1 and adds them to the list. These are level 2 keywords.
  4. Repeat #2 and #3 for levels 3 and 4 keywords
  5. The list is sorted by the # of queries, and the excluded keywords are removed from the list

In this way, the Instant Scraper builds powerful, targeted keyword lists in seconds…for free.

As an example, we’ll use the keyword “dog”

If we wanted to find great keywords for a dog-related website, we could start our search using the term “dog.”

Google Instant Scraper, Level 1 – 10 keywords

When we’re only one level deep, you will see some of these keywords if you typed in ‘dog’ into Google.

Google Instant Scraper, Level 2 – 99 keywords

The scraper will now go through each of the keywords and check what Google Instant results come up. We’re starting to see some good keywords, such as ‘dog names and meanings’ and ‘dogs and chocolate’ – this is huge for niche marketing.

Google Instant Scraper, Level 3 – 594 keywords

Now we’re really geting specific – ‘dog names for females starting with d’? How long would you have had to look before finding that one! There are now 594 keywords from that fist “dog” keyword seed.

Google Instant Scraper, Level 4  – 884 keywords

Level 4 has 884 keywords, and there are some gems. This tool is perfect for optimizing for the long-tail; one of the Level 4 keywords is “dog breeds that don’t shed and are good with children” – if you write a blog with that exact title, there are 735,000 people who search for that phrase that you’ll be ranking well for.
Google Search Results Scraper

Other Instant Scraper examples:

Niche Marketing Example: Forex

Forex products are one of the biggest scams spammy selling in affiliate marketing networks, such as ClickBank. If you wanted to target long-tail (very specific) keywords for forex, you could use “forex” in the Instant Scraper, going 4 levels deep and get over 300 great keywords in seconds. (See the results here)

Other niche marketing searches:

  • HTC – 784 keywords
  • Marketing – 535 keywords
  • Solar Panels, Wind Turbine – 209 keywords
  • The alphabet, 2 levels deep? – 2,568 keywords.
    • Top three: news, images, Facebook
    • # of Google keywords: 49
    • # of Google keywords: 48
    • # of iPhone keywords: 30
    • # of love keywords: 13
    • # of Amazon or Best Buy keywords: 11
    • # of Bing keywords: 10 (ouch)
  • SEO – 112 keywords
    • # of SEOMoz keywords: 52
    • # of SEOBook keywords: 0 (ouch)
  • WordPress – 494 keywords

I have the keywords – now what?

Now that you have gathered some great keywords, you can choose to show the results as a “Keyword-Only List” and copy and paste them into Google Adwords, or do further keyword research. When you identify your list of keywords, write blog articles using exact-phrase titles. You’ll be very pleased with the results.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

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Great work Zach! You must have been reading my mind…. I’ve been looking for a tool to do just this task and you delivered once again!

This tool is going to be very helpful in identifying those terms that Google feels are relevant to your query (or partial) and capitalize on the suggestions of the mighty G.

Thanks for taking the time to develop (and share) this tool! Even though I’d like to keep it a secret, I feel it’s only fair to spread the word!

Well done my friend, well done!

Hi my friend, you made a nice tool, but it is possible to have it for french search?
Could you please inform me how to make it?
Best regards

This is really good information I have visited this blog to read something fresh and I really admire you efforts in doing so.

 Hi! Thanks for this great tool, really helpful. Results are very relevant. Results seems to be more relevant than keyword+a… keyword+b…. It seems to be more “human logic”. I was wondering if it was possible to use the strings “hl=” and “gl=” to get more targeted keywords by languages and/or country?

Hello there,

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