Google Instant Scraper – The Best Tool for Google Instant SEO

Optimize your site, find niche keywords

Introducing: Google Instant Scraper, a powerful free tool for niche marketing and keyword research. Find high-traffic, relevant long-tail keywords in seconds.

How the Google Instant Scraper works:

  1. Enter a “seed” keyword (or multiple keywords separated by commas) and choose how many levels deep you would like to scrape;
  2. The Scraper gets results from Google Instant for that keyword. These are level 1 keywords.
  3. For each level 1 keyword, the Scraper gathers results from step #1 and adds them to the list. These are level 2 keywords.
  4. Repeat #2 and #3 for levels 3 and 4 keywords
  5. The list is sorted by the # of queries, and the excluded keywords are removed from the list

In this way, the Instant Scraper builds powerful, targeted keyword lists in seconds…for free.

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FOUND: A Guide to The Most Profitable Service Industry Niches

Keyword Niche Finding Sniper

This should be tagged as “Dangerously Powerful”

At the bottom of this article is a download
containing detailed per-lead pricing for hundreds of industries.

The ServiceMagic Fee Schedule is a guide to where the money is.
When trying to create niche websites, research is very important. You need to ask the following questions:

  • What are the most profitable industries?
  • How much can I make or should I charge per lead/sale?
  • What keywords should I focus on? has done all the work for you.

Service Magic provides cost per lead data on virtually all home services-related industries and some others including pet sitting ($10/lead), photo portraits ($12/lead), wedding DJ ($12/lead). Continue reading “FOUND: A Guide to The Most Profitable Service Industry Niches”

Show Content Only Plugin – A Perfect Keyword Research Companion

Download the Plugin from

Another WordPress SEO Plugin by Katz Web Services

The Show Content Only Plugin enables you to show only a post or page’s content, without sidebars, footers, and other content.

There are many different reasons for wanting to show just the content, but there’s never been such an easy way to do it. This plugin adds a box in the post and page editor that provides you with four links:

  • Content Only
  • Content with Tags
  • Content with Categories
  • Content with Categories & Tags

This is very helpful in conjunction with the Google Keyword Tool, so that Google only analyses the content of your post or page, not the surrounding context as well.

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