Blog Comments Now Pass Juice – No More `nofollow`

After lots of back and forth, I have decided to make comment links dofollow (removing nofollow); meaning that links users have in their comments will be followed by search engines. This adds value to the recipient’s site.

Please note:

  • If dofollow becomes a hassle, I will take it off
  • It’s easy for me to add nofollow to any comments, so please keep the conversation relevant. Manual link building sucks. But try hard to add value!
  • This blog uses Lucia’s Linky Love and always has, so post 3 or more times!

Enjoy, don’t abuse.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

28 replies on “Blog Comments Now Pass Juice – No More `nofollow`”

That’s great.  Since you moderate the comments, there should be no worry there.  Besides, not everyone posts a URL anyway.

Since the link beneath the post that leads to the actual comments page IS no-follow, I think it still doesnt add value for SEO to comment on your blog. The comments pages get no link juice at all, so there’s not anything to spread really.

No, that’s not the case. Google will be indexing each post, and the links in comments are now dofollow. It doesn’t matter that the “{4 comments}” link is nofollow.

You are brave enough to do this. However, it seems that you don’t have any troubles in deleting the spams. I am not so brave, I will have to spend all my time to reconize that suckers, though I have Akismet. It really makes angry to find “personal loan” or something under my hard working post.

This is great news. It’s always best to practice writing comments which are relevant to the topic. Though you have a link pointing to another site, it’s better if the blog’s author sees that as the one commenting, you relate to his posts and has shared valuable information to others.

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Thank you- I go back and forth with should I? Or shouldn’t I? I am enjoying going through your blog finding tips. I now need to see if you have something for me to fix do/nofollow links on my blogroll.

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It’s a good idea.. although from what i’ve been reading lately Google is starting to take less and less notice of this. Still pretty brave to make em all do follow… hopefully you stay under the radar and don’t get smashed by spammers!

I agree that it has become less important these days to make a lkink nofollow, as the link gets followed anyways. I am wondering if do follow even has a negative effect to your website. I was  asking myself though why you have to post three times in order to get Luci’as Link love, seems a bit much as a starting point.

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Thanks for the information about “comment links dofollow (removing nofollow); meaning that links users have in their comments will be followed by search engines”, this will surely help a lot more than the blog commenting to link building process.

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