Obama White House Website Design — the President's Web Site

Update: the new White House Website is launched! The new White House website design: what to expect? We know who President-Elect Barack Obama’s web designers were: SimpleScott, and later Walker Hamilton too.  My sources tell me (don’t you have sources? 🙂 ) that Scott Thomas and Walker Hamilton are no longer working with the Obama or website. Scott […]

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Denver Real Estate Website – Blue Sky Development Group

In anticipation of a magazine ad in Denver magazine 5280, we launched two static web pages featuring properties. 2250 South Marion Street 2372 South Humboldt Street These websites are no longer active. These pages are a preview to the WordPress real estate website I’ve been working on.  The complete site will be coming soon, including […]

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Found: Barack Obama's Web Designer

Update: The New Website Update: Who will be the White House web designer? A lot of people have wanted to know who designed Barack Obama’s website. With good reason: Obama’s website is beautiful. It even conveys Obama’s message of hope in it’s wistful design. Well, here it is: Barack Obama’s web designer is: SimpleScott. […]


Tumblr is a great website if you find blogging intimidating

I was reading an article on A List Apart the other day and found a link to a website called Tumblr. It makes blogging really easy by making it less intimidating. You choose what type of content you’d like to post, and then you do it!It’s one of the most simple signup forms around, and […]