Obama White House Website Design — the President's Web Site

Update: the new White House Website is launched!

Presidential White House Web Design...Change sure IS a'comin!

The new White House website design: what to expect?

We know who President-Elect Barack Obama’s web designers were: SimpleScott, and later Walker Hamilton too.  My sources tell me (don’t you have sources? 🙂 ) that Scott Thomas and Walker Hamilton are no longer working with the Obama or Change.gov website. Scott Thomas is busy working on an art collective project (VERY cool stuff).

Change.gov web design

The Change.gov site is basically BarackObama.com restyled a bit. The Change.gov site uses many resources from the barackobama.com website, including most of the main CSS file. The Change.gov website was designed by Matt Ipcar. The Change.gov website’s back-end (just like the Obama website) is being handled by Blue State Digital.

What can we learn about the WhiteHouse.gov web design?

If the Change.gov web site is any indication, we can extrapolate the following: Continue reading “Obama White House Website Design — the President's Web Site”