Introducing IDX+, WordPress Real Estate & IDX Done Right

I’m happy to release IDX+, the best WordPress IDX solution. IDX+ is a project I’ve been working on for months. It was born came out of necessity: a client told me “there is no perfect solution for WordPress real estate websites.” After looking into it, I realized he was right. IDX+ is the solution to your real estate […]


WordPress Real Estate Plugin: Stay Tuned…

You may have noticed this blog has gone un-updated. That’s because I’ve been working on an awesome new plugin. WordPress + Real Estate + User Data + SEO In the past, I’ve written posts about how to optimize your WordPress real estate website for SEO and I’ve created a Trulia plugin for WordPress. This WordPress real estate plugin […]

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Creating a Real Estate Website in WordPress — Part 2

If you find this article helpful, please share it, or Digg it! In Part 1 of Building a real estate website in WordPress, you learned about a plugin called FreshPost that we used to set up the basic structure of your real estate website.  Using this article, you will be able to display a single listing page […]

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Denver Real Estate Website – Blue Sky Development Group

In anticipation of a magazine ad in Denver magazine 5280, we launched two static web pages featuring properties. 2250 South Marion Street 2372 South Humboldt Street These websites are no longer active. These pages are a preview to the WordPress real estate website I’ve been working on.  The complete site will be coming soon, including […]

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Building a Real Estate Website in WordPress – Part 1

I am designing and creating a real estate website with WordPress, and I’m going to be writing a few articles that detail how it’s done.  This article will get you started — please leave feedback with any questions or topic requests for the next installment. Real estate using WordPress Part 2 is now available! A little background — […]