Introducing IDX+, WordPress Real Estate & IDX Done Right

I’m happy to release IDX+, the best WordPress IDX solution.

Enhance dsIDXpressIDX+ is a project I’ve been working on for months. It was born came out of necessity: a client told me “there is no perfect solution for WordPress real estate websites.” After looking into it, I realized he was right.

IDX+ is the solution to your real estate website’s problems. Continue reading “Introducing IDX+, WordPress Real Estate & IDX Done Right”

WordPress Real Estate Plugin: Stay Tuned…

You may have noticed this blog has gone un-updated. That’s because I’ve been working on an awesome new plugin.

WordPress + Real Estate + User Data + SEO

In the past, I’ve written posts about how to optimize your WordPress real estate website for SEO and I’ve created a Trulia plugin for WordPress.

This WordPress real estate plugin changes the game of what you can do with your WordPress website — and for how much money. No longer do you need to pay tens of thousands of dollars for an indexed IDX solution.

Next week I will release a beta version, so stay tuned for the formal announcement.

Trulia Plugin for WordPress

Easily add TruliaMaps to your website!
Add a Trulia maps widget showing homes in your area, without touching any HTML or code. This plugin allows you to configure tons of options; check it out today!

The Trulia real estate plugin includes options for:

  • Map size
  • Map, Satellite or Hybrid map type
  • Slideshow – automatically cycle through houses. Choose how quickly the slideshow displays, or to turn it off.
  • Map Background and Text colors

Easily add a real estate map to your page or post using “shortcodes”:

`[trulia city=”Bethesda” state=”MD”]`
will show a map for Bethesda, MD real estate.

`[trulia zip=90210 rotate=10 size=panorama]`

will show a wide map of the 90210 real estate for sale, and will rotate showing listings every 10 seconds.


[trulia title=”Boston Real Estate” align=right city=Boston state=MA background=”#cccccc” color=”#333333″ size=large rotate=10 logo_color=gry]  The following shortcode produces the map seen on the right:

`[trulia title=”Boston Real Estate” align=right city=Boston state=MA background=”#cccccc” color=”#333333″ size=large rotate=10]`

The plugin has shortcode support with the following setting options:

  • `size` – Choose between `large` (default), `small`, and `panoramic` map sizes.
  • `title` – Modify the text of the map heading.
  • `zip` – Standard ZIP code
  • `city` – Name of the city.
  • `state` – Two-letter state abbreviation.
  • `rotate` – How quickly, in seconds, do you want the listings to auto-rotate. Defaults to `0` (off).
  • `map_view` – Choose between Map (`map`), Satellite (`sat`), or Hybrid (`hyb`) views for the map images.
  • `align` – Align the map to the `left`, `right`, `center`, or `none`
    Note: uses WordPress CSS classes to achieve aligning; some themes may not support this.
  • `color` – HEX value for map heading text color (`#efefef`, for example)
  • `bg` – HEX value for map background color (`#cccc33`, for example)

Please leave support questions/issues and comments below!

This WordPress real estate plugin was made possible with the support of the Koitz Group, Bethesda, MD real estate experts.

Creating a Real Estate Website in WordPress — Part 2

Real estate website screenshot

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In Part 1 of Building a real estate website in WordPress, you learned about a plugin called FreshPost that we used to set up the basic structure of your real estate website.  Using this article, you will be able to display a single listing page that has all the content your real estate website will need. Continue reading “Creating a Real Estate Website in WordPress — Part 2”