Trulia Plugin for WordPress

Easily add TruliaMaps to your website!
Add a Trulia maps widget showing homes in your area, without touching any HTML or code. This plugin allows you to configure tons of options; check it out today!

The Trulia real estate plugin includes options for:

  • Map size
  • Map, Satellite or Hybrid map type
  • Slideshow – automatically cycle through houses. Choose how quickly the slideshow displays, or to turn it off.
  • Map Background and Text colors

Easily add a real estate map to your page or post using “shortcodes”:

`[trulia city=”Bethesda” state=”MD”]`
will show a map for Bethesda, MD real estate.

`[trulia zip=90210 rotate=10 size=panorama]`

will show a wide map of the 90210 real estate for sale, and will rotate showing listings every 10 seconds.


[trulia title=”Boston Real Estate” align=right city=Boston state=MA background=”#cccccc” color=”#333333″ size=large rotate=10 logo_color=gry]  The following shortcode produces the map seen on the right:

`[trulia title=”Boston Real Estate” align=right city=Boston state=MA background=”#cccccc” color=”#333333″ size=large rotate=10]`

The plugin has shortcode support with the following setting options:

  • `size` – Choose between `large` (default), `small`, and `panoramic` map sizes.
  • `title` – Modify the text of the map heading.
  • `zip` – Standard ZIP code
  • `city` – Name of the city.
  • `state` – Two-letter state abbreviation.
  • `rotate` – How quickly, in seconds, do you want the listings to auto-rotate. Defaults to `0` (off).
  • `map_view` – Choose between Map (`map`), Satellite (`sat`), or Hybrid (`hyb`) views for the map images.
  • `align` – Align the map to the `left`, `right`, `center`, or `none`
    Note: uses WordPress CSS classes to achieve aligning; some themes may not support this.
  • `color` – HEX value for map heading text color (`#efefef`, for example)
  • `bg` – HEX value for map background color (`#cccc33`, for example)

Please leave support questions/issues and comments below!

This WordPress real estate plugin was made possible with the support of the Koitz Group, Bethesda, MD real estate experts.

By Zack Katz

Zack Katz is the founder of GravityKit and TrustedLogin. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts with his wife Juniper.

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Great information, thank you. We tried to get the Trulia RSS feed to work on our site with 5 different feeders but no luck. The feeders worked on every url but the Trulia urls’. Have you ran into this problem before?   Any help would be appreciated.

Why in the world would I ever put a plugin on my RE website that produces a map with links to another broker’s website to see the property details? That’s just what these Trulia maps apparently do. I want them to stay on my site and contact me.

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