Help test the Constant Contact API 3.0 plugin beta!

Almost ready. It’s been a long haul for the new version of the Constant Contact for WordPress plugin. I started working on it before Constant Contact finalized their new API, so let’s just say it has been a major undertaking Now I need help getting it ready for release! The new Constant Contact WordPress plugin […]

Constant Contact's Business Partner Program Is Better Than It Seems

Constant Contact doesn't advertise that they actually have good tiered commission structures...but they do.

Constant Contact doesn’t openly advertise their Business Partner Program’s competitive commission structures. Constant Contact promotes their Partner Program with just a 15% starting commission, so it may come as a surprise that their commission structure goes up to 40%. No one else offers anywhere near that amount. Here’s how their commission rate is calculated: 15% […]

Receive Email Updates from Constant Contact Surveys: Feature Request

Update: Constant Contact has implemented this feature. Get notified when you receive new survey responses I use the CC Survey feature to send out web design questionnaires to potential clients. As such, I keep a survey open and receive responses sporadically. Currently, there’s no way to be notified by Constant Contact when my survey receives […]