Constant Contact's Business Partner Program Is Better Than It Seems

Constant Contact doesn’t openly advertise their Business Partner Program’s competitive commission structures.

Constant Contact promotes their Partner Program with just a 15% starting commission, so it may come as a surprise that their commission structure goes up to 40%. No one else offers anywhere near that amount.

Here’s how their commission rate is calculated:

  1. 15% up to $250/month net revenue
  2. 20% up to $500/month
  3. 25% up to $1,000/month
  4. 30% up to $2,500/month
  5. 40% up to $5,000/month

Constant Contact offers very competitive commission for active affiliates

At first glance, Constant Contact’s partner program appears simply decent. The base 15% commission is nowhere near the 25% commissions offered by other programs. What they don’t tell you is that as you continue to build your referral list, you canĀ qualify for higher commission tiers. Continue reading “Constant Contact's Business Partner Program Is Better Than It Seems”